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National Leaders Conference

The 2019 National Leaders Post Conference Call for Workshop Proposals are open until December 7. Apply here.

Strengthen Your School Leadership

CAIS values the constant and deliberate quest for excellence, and we recognize the vital leadership role that governors play, in partnership with Heads, in the success of our schools. We want all of our schools to have strong Heads who focus on supporting the students of the present, but we also want strong Boards that focus on supporting the students of the future.

The Governance Guide include new learning on a number of areas, including Human Resources, Risk Management, Head Transitions, and Consent Agendas.

CAIS members and non-members can purchase a hard copy here. And CAIS members can also view the full PDF in CAIS Connect here.

2019 CAIS Middle School Leadership Camp

At CAIS, we are dedicated to fostering student leadership at all levels. We recognize that one of the key factors to having strong, capable, confident leaders in our senior schools is helping students gain some experience and practice being leaders at a younger age. The CAIS Middle School Leadership Camp is committed to harnessing our student’s budding leadership potential and working with this age group's fearlessness and energy to design an exciting and engaging weekend.

The program is designed and led by educators who have dedicated their careers to character and leadership development both within their own schools and the wider community. Students are given the opportunity to support and challenge each other as leaders so they can make their own unique mark on their schools and on society. The experience provides them with the tools, experiences, and connections to help them think about the type of leader they aspire to be and how they can begin to put that into action at their own school.

Last year, over 120 students representing more than 19 CAIS schools from across Canada attended and went through our specifically designed program. New experiences, new perspectives, new challenges, new friends, and a stronger sense of self are all things the participants take home with them.

Registration for the MSLC is almost full, please contact Don Kawasoe to register for the remaining spots at dkawasoe@cais.ca.


Friday, September 20 - Monday, September 23, 2019

Bus Arrangements from Toronto on Friday, September 20, 2019
Terminal 3 - Toronto Pearson Airport - departure time 2:00 p.m. to Onondaga Camp
Havergal College - departure time 12:30 p.m. with stops at Holy Trinity School and Country Day School and then on to Onondaga Camp

Bus Arrangements From Camp - Monday, September 23, 2019
Onondaga Camp - departure time 9:30 a.m. to Terminal 3 - Toronto Pearson Airport
Onondaga Camp - departure time 10:00 a.m. to Country Day School, Holy Trinity School and Havergal College


Onondaga Camp, Minden, ON


Read the letter from Co-Chairs Tiziana Patella and Tracy Faucher for details on the this years camp and the registration process.

Phase 2 registration forms for registered schools:

Student Information Form

Advisor Travel Form

Get Ready To ...

Collaborate with new friends across Canada

Build strong school communities

harness your leadership potential

Strike an X in the Archery Range

Soar on the 70 foot high giant swing

Paddle the Shores of Middle Bob Lake


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