2021 CAIS Middle School Leadership Virtual Program

This spring, the Middle School Leadership Advisory team has organized an impactful experience for your Middle School students to promote caring and inclusivity in your school community. Inspired by Andy Thibodeau and his story about including others, school teams will model inclusivity and will work on an initiative in your school.

Please read carefully:
Register 1 team per school consisting of 2 students and 1 advisor. On the registration form linked below, you indicate your level of participation with other schools. Once the advisor and 2 lead students participate in the first video presentation, the 2 students then choose 2 other students (students who might otherwise not be identified as student leaders). This team of 4 then participates in the Onondaga Camp ice breaker sessions. Thereafter, your team can involve as many other students in your school as viewers/collaborators.

Your student team can opt to collaborate with another school in your process or initiative. School teams will post a short video or brief slide presentation highlighting your work. The final production along with feedback from Andy will be available to all CAIS schools.

We are grateful for our partnership with Andy Thibodeau and the staff at Onondaga Camp, Minden, Ontario.

This year's program is available to all CAIS middle school students and advisors at no cost.

Andy’s family, at his Mabondo niece’s 19th birthday party: From left to right: Andy, his 12 year old daughter Isla,  his 15 year old daughter Torry, his 3 nieces who blessed his home from November 2018 to September 2019,  Didine (age 19), Rachel (21), and Bénie (22), his wife of 22 years, Lizz.

In designing this program, we have:

  • Modeled inclusivity by making it available to all CAIS middle school students and advisors at no cost (for this year’s program).
  • Organized a flexible and inclusive program that allows students and schools to participate according to your school’s context. 
  • Established a forum in which you can share your work, process and learning with others that will be used in future Middle School Leadership Camp programs.


  • Inspire middle school student leaders to plan an initiative that supports care and inclusivity in your school
  • Successfully collaborate within or beyond your school with another team
  • Demonstrate creativity and initiative in taking action to encourage caring and inclusivity
  • Demonstrate creativity producing a presentation of your work to share with all CAIS schools
  • To receive feedback from Andy and other schools.

Who Can Participate?

  • Year 7 or 8 Middle School students and 1 advisor


Registration will be open until Wednesday, April 7, 2021. Schools declare their intended level of participation. Collaborating schools commit to joint participation in the ice breakers, working together on the same or different initiative and a final presentation.