CAIS Middle School Leadership Camp

CAIS Middle School Leadership Camp is a highly anticipated annual event. Due to the pandemic, it was run virtually in 2021. The Middle School Advisory Committee has continued to meet this year with the hope to return to an in-person event for fall 2022. 

Participant safety is of the utmost importance for all CAIS events, particularly for students and Student Advisors traveling from across the country. The emergence of the BA.2 variant and the potential for a 6th wave is a growing concern including the return to school time next September. There is a minimum number of students required to run the Camp and, at this time, there is not adequate commitment to move forward with a contract with the camp.

Middle School Leadership Camp will be offered virtually in Fall 2022.  This virtual model will enable participation from students from across the country with the potential to bring students back together once more during the year to celebrate their leadership initiatives.

Engaging and supporting Middle School Student Leadership Advisors is also a priority and the MSLC Advisory Committee is working in the short-term to engage and support.

Hold the Date - There will be a Middle School Leadership Advisors Round Table discussion event on May 18, 2022.  If you would like to be included in future Middle School Leadership programming communication including upcoming events, please contact Catherine McCauley, Director of Professional Learning.