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#1: School Purpose

Creating a Meaningful Corporate Purpose

Writing for Harvard Business Review, Hubert Joly, former chairman and CEO of Best Buy and a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, presents five considerations that are critical for defining a powerful corporate purpose to guide decisions and operations. The first is to look for your organization's purpose at the intersection of four circles:
  1. What the world needs.
  2. What people at the company are passionate about.
  3. What the company is uniquely good at.
  4. How the company can create economic value.

#2: School Leadership

16 Podcast Episodes to Inspire, Educate, and Entertain

For this blog post, the Global Online Academy team curated a list of top-notch podcast episodes to provide inspiration in four categories:
  1. Education and Creativity
  2. A Life in Balance
  3. Technology
  4. Current Events

#3: Governance

The Gold Medalist's Guide for Incorporating Reflection in your Strategic Plan

Gabby Hewitt, an Associate Partner at Education Elements, believes that school leaders can learn from Simone Biles' -- specifically her self-reflection and pivot at the Tokyo Olympics -- and apply three lessons to strategic planning:
  1. Plan for change, not perfection and stay continually open to new, better, and different options.
  2. Take the small deduction now, to avoid the costlier one later.
  3. Make modifications, not excuses.

#4: Education Program Foundation

In this One Schoolhouse blog post, Corinne Dedini, Assistant Head of School for Academics, says "schools have attempted to cram more into their schedule: more arts, more athletics, more SEL, more advanced coursework. The density of these demands translates into an increasingly inflexible schedule for students, faculty, and staff." Dedini says the COVID-19 pandemic has provided an opportunity to rethink schedules and suggests an exercise schools can do to build time and space for growth, exploration, kindness and wellness.

#5: Learning & Teaching

Virtual exchange: What are students signing up for?

Hiba B. Ibrahim, PhD Candidate in applied linguistics, York University, recently received the ACTFL Research Priorities 2021 Award to support her doctoral research on examining learner experiences of interculturality in virtual exchange. Writing for The Conversation, Ibrahim says that virtual exchanges have become more popular since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and participating in them can support the development of intercultural competence and digital literacy.

#6: Student Well-Being & Support

Recognizing the Signs of Trauma

"Educators may never have a clear answer as to whether or not a student has experienced trauma, nor a full picture of a student's emotional well-being or needs. Given these limitations, we must always embody trauma responsiveness in all of our interactions with students to ensure that we are providing support to any and all students," writes Roisleen Todd, Curriculum and Instruction Specialist in this Edutopia article. Todd writes about how trauma impacts the brain and provides signs to look for in the classroom.

#7: Essential Concepts

How to Work With Young People Who Want to Make Change

For this Usable Knowledge article, Emily Boudreau spoke with Harvard Graduate School of Education Lecturer Gretchen Brion-Meisels about her work to conduct 25 studies across the world investigating questions related to educational justice. In addition, Brion-Meisels offered suggestions for educators looking to partner with youth and those who seek to improve schools more generally, including acknowledging the power dynamics, building relationships and trust, holding each other accountable, and keeping in mind that change is a process.

#8: Custodial Care

Canada and UK favoured, AECC survey suggests

This article in The Pie News looks at an AECC survey -- conducted between September 28 and October 18 -- of more than 7,400 prospective student respondents in 147 countries that shows one in five (21.1%) students reconsidered their preferred study destinations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with a majority of those turning towards Canada. The article quotes AECC chief operating officer Daryl Fong who says, "We know that students want an on campus experience with the vast majority not positive on the idea of studying entirely online."

#9: Recruitment & Community Engagement

What if Our School Marketing Was Limited to 100 Posts?

In this blog post, David Willows, Director of Advancement at the International School of Brussels, asks "If our schools only had 100 posts allotted to them, what would we actually say? What are the stories that we would tell? How would we determine what is important and what is nothing more than an endless stream of empty content?" Willows suggests starting by defining what we believe about how students learn and by naming the elements that make up a "good education".

#10: Human Resources

The Toxic Effects of Branding Your Workplace a "Family"

Leadership development trainer Joshua A. Luna cautions against trying to sell your organization's culture as "family-like". Instead, writing for Harvard Business Review, Luna recommends that organizations promote a balanced culture by defining high-performance and focusing on purpose, setting clear boundaries, and mutually accepting relationships' temporary and professional nature.

#11: Finance

The Webb Schools to Recieve $100 Million as Historic Estate Gift

This week, The Webb Schools announced a historic estate gift of at least $100 million from an anonymous alumnus. According to this article in The Ritz Herald, the landmark donation "will dramatically expand Webb's innovative education programs, strengthen its team of expert educators and significantly boost student aid."

Read more about Webb's Centennial Campaign "The Next 100" here.

#12: Facilities & Infrastructure

Maintaining schools for second pandemic winter

With the onset of cold weather, Brendan Murphy offers advice for schools to consider:
  • Ensure that HVAC systems provide a sufficient number of air exchanges per hour.
  • Have a thermostat that measures outdoor air temperature and integrates with heat trace lines.
  • Advise maintenance staff and security teams to look for exterior doors being propped and left open.

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