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#1: School Purpose

The Best Strategies Don't Just Take a Long View. They Take a Broad View.

The authors of this Harvard Business Review article are with the University of Oxford's Saïd Business School. They say leaders must shift from a long view to a broad view of strategy to prepare for the threats and opportunities that can emerge at any moment from any direction. To adopt a broader view, leaders must think differently in three important ways: focusing on systems not sectors, scenarios not forecasts, and playbooks not plans.

#2: School Leadership

A Manager's Guide to Helping Teams Face Down Uncertainty, Burnout and Perfectionism

First Round Review interviewed Liz Fosslien, co-author and illustrator of the national best-seller Big Feelings and the Wall Street Journal best-seller No Hard Feelings. Fosslien says many managers are struggling with "burnout burnout" from providing emotional support and looking after the wellbeing of their team and offers tactical, behavioural-science backed tips for managers to "help their teams (and themselves) wrestle with the pains of perfectionism, the burden of burnout, and the emotional upheaval of uncertainty."

#3: Governance

Cyber Crime: A Growing Risk for Independent Schools

In this article, Donna Orem, NAIS President, says that education is an attractive target for cybercriminals and stresses that schools must make time to focus on cyber risks. Orem shares the most important factors in determining information risk, questions leaders should ask to guide a strategy to safeguard their data, and what a reasonable approach for schools might be.

#4: Education Program Foundation

Teen Sleep, Brain Science and the Debate Over School Start Times

For this week's EdSurge Podcast, Producer and Host Jeffrey R. Young spoke with Lisa Lewis, an education journalist turned advocate for later school start times. Lewis discusses the latest in brain science and stresses that later starts are not just about whether teens have enough sleep to learn—there are serious implications for mental health as well.

#5: Learning & Teaching

An Introduction to Student Co-Designed Learning

Believing that "If the students create it, they will own it," Josh Bottomly, Upper Division English at Casady School, writes about his experience implementing Student-Designed Learning in this Global Online Academy Insight. Bottomly also shares some practical wisdom that he has learned along the way.

#6: Student Well-Being & Support

On The Coast with Gloria Macarenko - Private School Serves Special Needs Kids

For this segment of the CBC's On The Coast with Gloria Macarenko, Gloria spoke with Jim Christopher, Head of Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School, about the school's approach to supporting neurodivergent students. Supports include facilitated lunch clubs that focus on inclusion and a tutoring team of 25 that supports every student. In addition, Jim stressed that all fundraising goes into bursaries.

#7: Essential Concepts

Rosseau Lake College hosting annual powwow

This article serves as a public invitation to a powwow at Rosseau Lake College on June 8, where attendees will learn and experience Anishinabek and Kanien'kehá:ka culture and understandings. In the article, Rosseau Lake College's marketing and communications lead Glen Herbert says, "Learning and practicing Indigenous culture and teachings intensifies the bonds in our community, promotes stability and provides defined values with which your child will learn to test his or her everyday actions as well as focus on the security of future generations."

#8: Custodial Care

Six Ways Covid-19 Transformed Harvard

This article in the Harvard Crimson looks at six ways affiliates say Covid-19 transformed Harvard. Notable in the article, "College Dean Rakesh Khurana said in a May interview that he believes the pandemic has induced a change in philosophy about the importance of Harvard's residential experience. 'After chalk, probably one of the most important pedagogical devices in the world is the dining table,' Khurana said. "And I think we will never take that for granted again.' "

#9: Recruitment & Community Engagement

Don't Let Your Fundraising Program Take a Summer Vacation

ISM says that the summer months provide opportunities for donor engagement, volunteer recruitment, and event organization. The article includes specific suggestions for laying the groundwork for your annual fund, events, and major donor fundraising.

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#10: Human Resources

How to become a "Morale Doctor"

EAB conducted research that found current approaches to raising employee morale can be described by three archetypes: The Caregiver, The Generalist, and The Doctor. However, the only archetype proven to deliver results consistently is The Doctor, which "takes additional time to diagnose the root drivers of low morale, then partners with employees to design solutions." The article includes a downloadable infographic.

#11: Finance

10 Tips for Filling Up Summer Camp Registrations, Fast!

Summer camps and programs are an excellent way to market your campus to prospective families and bring in additional revenue. In this blog post, Finalsite offers ten tips to drive more traffic to your summer camp website and increase registrations.

#12: Facilities & Infrastructure

Some universities and schools in the U.S. are reimposing indoor mask mandates.

According to The New York Times, some universities and public school systems have reimposed indoor mask mandates on their campuses. Coronavirus cases have increased across the United States, and a new Omicron subvariant, known as BA.2.12.1, which spreads more rapidly than previous versions, has become the dominant form of the virus.

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