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CAIS Top 12 - Archived

#1: Vision, Mission, Values & Strategy

Hard Reset: What Will Be New Post Pandemic

Writing for Getting Smart, Tom Vander Ark says that the COVID-19 disruption is causing a "hard reset" on everything, but especially on work, learning, healthcare and governance. He identifies and elaborates on 10 things that will be new and different post-pandemic, and writes "perhaps the most foundational change will be a recognition of our new mutuality-we're all in this together. We think that will translate into difference-making: more schools focusing on helping young people find and begin making their unique contribution".

Also worth a read:

#2: Co-Curriculum & Learning Environments

A Place of (Remote) Belonging

Recognizing that students are more likely to feel disconnected, uncertain, or distracted as they move to the virtual environment, Usable Knowledge offers suggestions for educators at every grade level to create a welcoming classroom community and reestablish norms, connections, and a sense of belonging.

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#3: Academic Program

This is Not Online or Distance Learning

"In a matter of days, teachers and school leaders have had to take curriculum, resources, assessments, and lessons that were designed for an in-person (or at least blended) experience (and without any sustained training), turned it into a remote learning experience," writes A.J. Juliani in this blog post. To avoid being compared to those planned-for experiences, Juliani recommends that we not call what is happening right now online, distance or virtual learning; instead, we should refer to it as "emergency remote learning". He believes that by doing so, "we can give each other grace to experiment, learn, and iterate to the best of our abilities in the worst of circumstances."

A note about Zoom:
With the increased popularity of Zoom the FBI is warning schools to be careful to protect their meetings. More information on the steps Zoom is taking to address these privacy and security concerns can be found here:

#4: School Leadership

4 Behaviors That Help Leaders Manage a Crisis

The research team at ghSMART has conducted more than 21,000 leadership assessments and has learned that to move forward in a crisis, leaders need to cultivate four behaviours in themselves and their teams. They must decide with speed over precision, adapt boldly, reliably deliver, and engage for impact. This Harvard Business Review article provides tactics to guide you as you coach your leaders in these key behaviours. Once the crisis is over, the authors recommend that leaders take the time to "think about who rose to the occasion, who struggled, and why".

During these challenging social times, people find different ways of processing the new reality. Michel Lafrance, Head of West Island College has shared his poem Rebirth of Life with the CAIS community.

#5: Human Resources

Struggling to Thrive as a Large Team Working Remotely? This Exec Has the Field Guide You Need

In this First Round Review article, Maggie Leung, VP of Content with NerdWallet, shares six tactical tips and some key takeaways from leading a large remote team:
  1. Create space for conversations - and try to cultivate that "we're all in this together" feeling.
  2. Invest in relationships and set a cultural North Star.
  3. Fight fires with candor.
  4. Shine a spotlight on what good looks like.
  5. Connect the dots, relentlessly.
  6. Don't unintentionally undermine your team.

#6: School & Community

Fundraising During COVID-19: Seven Actions You Can Take Now for Annual Giving

In this article, ISM elaborates on these seven ways for advancement leaders to build, maintain and even improve relationships with their school communities during this challenging time:listen, steward, consult, activate, narrate, plan and celebrate.

#7: Enrolment Management

5 Tips For A Compelling Virtual Admissions Experience

The current crisis is forcing schools to pivot and adapt their admissions strategy since prospective students and families are not able to visit their campuses. In this blog post, Finalsite suggests several ways to update your website and also provides several creative ideas for virtual scenarios.

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#8: Governance

Planning in Crises: Board and Management's Duties for Independent Schools

The COVID-19 outbreak is a good time for senior leaders and board members to convene and discuss how they will interact during and after this crisis and how their roles may change due to this (or other types of) crisis. The post includes a breakdown of Board and management responsibilities as well as "best practice" tips from experts.

#9: Finance

Business Sustainability Checklist for Nonprofit Organizations During Crisis

Frank Pina, Managing Director at The Mercadien Group, provides a list of proactive measures that nonprofits, faced with the possibility of prolonged interruption, should take immediately in this newsletter article.

The Conference Board of Canada has many resources related to the economic impact of COVID-19 for Canada, which you can view here.

#10: Physical Plant, Health & Safety

What Italian Pediatricians Can Tell Us

In this New York Times article, Perri Klass, M.D., writes about her participation in an online conversation with Italian pediatricians, who are providing medical care for children and supporting families mainly by telephone and video conferencing. While children are relatively safe from severe COVID-19 disease, they are struggling with anxieties that are causing sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, stomach aches and other physical symptoms. The article covers bedtime advice and stresses the importance of acknowledging the deaths of grandparents and finding ways to celebrate their lives.

Also worth a read:

#11: Commitment to School Improvement

The Good News, the Bad News, and the Start of A Solution for Keeping Distance Learning Simple

In this blog post, Dave Stuart Jr. offers some recommendations, and suggestions for implementing them, for educators who are making the switch to remote learning: shift to enrichment-style learning activities, not curriculum coverage or "hitting the standards", equip parents/guardians, keep it simple and keep it slow.

Also worth a read is the follow up post: Here's an Example of a Distance Learning Enrichment Activity: 20 for 20 (Social Studies or ELA, Gr 4-12) is also worth a read.

#12: Boarding Program

New survey data measures student intent for study abroad

This ICEF article looks at the results of a survey by QS that considers the impact of COVID-19 on student intent. The survey has gathered more than 11,000 responses from students and shows that while a growing proportion of students plan to delay program starts, most students still intend to follow through on their plans for study abroad.

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