Student Safe-Guarding

The protection, safety and well-being of all students is a priority for CAIS. We hope all schools will maintain a culture of openness, including a willingness to recognise and accept that abuse can happen anywhere. We hope to do all we can do ensure every school includes robust structures, policies and procedures to support the effective prevention, reporting and handling of concerns about inappropriate behaviour toward students.

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Child Abuse Prevention Programs

  • Red Cross (Canada)
    Offers programs for young children, youth and adults to help protect children from child abuse and neglect and for adults to help make their school, organization, etc. a safer environment.

    For adults they have a 2.5 hour online course called Respect in School, which is delivered in partnership with Respect Group Inc. They also offer Prevention in Motion (in person and online), in which participants learn to: respond to disclosures, follow organizational policies and the legal reporting process and develop strategies to protect children and youth.
  • Commit To Kids
    This program from the Canadian Centre for Child Protection provides strategies, policies, and a step-by-step plan for reducing the risk of child sexual abuse. The program encourages organizations to take an active, participatory role in protecting children in their care. The website includes a Program Overview Guide and they also offer online training, and a guide for small organizations. The package is $75.

  • Little Warriors
    Little Warriors is a national charitable organization based in Canada committed to the awareness, prevention, and treatment of child sexual abuse. The Prevent it! workshop was developed by researchers at the University of Alberta to teach adults about child sexual abuse. . The aim of the workshop is to teach adults about child sexual abuse, with a focus on helping adults develop tools to reduce children's vulnerability to sexual abuse. It is offered in select locations in Alberta, BC, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. There is no charge but donations are gladly accepted. Groups should be between 10-30 people Group Booking Form

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