Student Focus Groups

Beginning in December 2014, Anne-Marie has been meeting with student leaders to listen to their perspective on the future of education. The full report will be used as part of The 2051 Project research.

She always asks two questions:

  • How can technology create a better system of education?
  • When designing a system of education for the future, what should we be thinking about?

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CAIS student leaders tell us their best advice for school leaders looking to change the future of independent school education

"A school has to make students multi-faceted and well-rounded to prepare them for a meaningful life."

Collingwood School

"Teachers are important. They need to be able to connect with us and know their subjects well. What’s good about this school is that we can really with some of our teachers. Schools of the future will ensure all teachers are excellent."

Calgary Jewish Academy

"The inherent problem with competitiveness and trying to get into high reaching US schools is that we value marks ahead of learning. Schools should be less focused on marks and more focused on engagement."

St. George's School (Grade 12)

"It is important to be familiar with technology at a young age. There must be an early introduction but we must maintain a healthy balance."

Upper Canada College

"We need a class to be social because we have lost our intimacy in conversation."

St. George's School (Grade 8)

"Everyone learns differently and at their own pace, so teachers must be even more patient and open-minded."

Crofton House School

"In the real world there isn’t always someone there to pick you up if you fail. We need to learn independence in schools of the future."

West Point Grey Academy

"Listen to the students and cater the program to what they want. Pay attention to different learning styles – let them go ahead with it if they choose. They will do better!"

Strathcona Tweedsmuir School

"Remember, school is the place for us to be the best person we can – to get inspired and get out there and make changes. Help students find a passion and be challenged to think."

York House School

"Do not get too carried away with technology because it can be too much."

River Valley School

"Maintain a work play balance every single day. Create a well-rounded student and set them up for success."

Rothesay Netherwood School

"I believe that beyond course material and what the Government requires, we need to learn about who we are and what our own purpose is. Schools of the future will include more independence, more choice." ceted and well-rounded to prepare them for a meaningful life."

United Talmud Torah

"Always consider the diversity of learning with your school and ensure that it is a positive experience. Diversity in terms of academics but also socially. Teachers must be passionate about the diversity of learning styles within the classroom."

St. Clement's School

"Human connectivity is the way of the future. The school of the future will not only have the best teachers in our buildings but access to the best teachers worldwide. A student’s learning passions are obtained via their teachers passions. Everyone should have a chance to learn from the best teachers."

Crescent School

"For me, the teachers are a huge factor – they need to help you and tailor learning to your specific needs and get to know you as a person."

Greenwood College School

"Right now we are the ‘Handle with Care’ package, as opposed to regular mail. Schools of the future will do more to transition in high school before we are thrown into regular mail afterwards."

St. Margaret's School