Meet The 2017 Participants

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Adrienne Davidson
Director of Advancement
St. George's School (Vancouver)

Adrienne is the Director of Advancement at St. George’s School in Vancouver, British Columbia, originally from the UK. She has a background as a Marketing Consultant, specializing in fund development, communications and training, but for the past 20 years has worked in the not-for-profit sector in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia, primarily involved in multi-million dollar fundraising campaigns, public relations, communications and capacity-building. As part of the senior leadership team at St. George’s, she leads a team of 10 professionals in Advancement, responsible for Alumni (Georgian) Relations, Fundraising, Donor Stewardship, e-Communications and Website development, as well as School marketing and communications. Adrienne is a Paul Harris Fellow (Rotary International) and is professionally accredited internationally as a Certified Fundraising Executive; she has served for the past 5 years on the Board of ISAP Canada (Independent Schools Advancement Professionals Canada – formerly CAISAP), as the Chair of Mentorship.

Brad Read
St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School

I am currently teaching Physics at St. Mildred's Lightbourn School, and am responsible for academic timetabling for K-12. In my previous role as Learning Innovation Leader at Rothesay Netherwood School I worked within a small team whose responsibilities included action research, development of personalized curriculum and assessment models, professional development and PLCs, instructional coaching and maker spaces. In the last year as Learning Innovation Leader, we introduced a program for students to engage in an individualized and self-directed course of study in an area of their choosing. Each student was partnered with an faculty academic mentor, to co-create learning objectives and expectations for the course, and collected and published evidence of their journey via a digital portfolio of learning.

Andre Fanjoy
Assistant Head, Academics
Kingsway College School

Previous leadership roles have all related to the academics program at Kingsway College School. My teaching experience includes grades from kindergarten to high school, and various subjects in public and independent schools in Japan and Ontario. Committed to unleashing the potential in both students and the profession, I support faculty in the practice of Project-Based Learning, Passion-Driven Learning, student leadership, Maker Education, documentation with e-portfolios, design thinking, differentiated instruction, blended learning and other compelling steps forward happening in the field.

Caroline Bouchard
Grade 4 Teacher
The Priory School

I have been teaching Grade 4 homeroom at The Priory School since 2006. In the past ten years, I have taught a variety of subjects areas, including English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Ethics. On top of my homeroom responsibilities, I have led several extracurricular activities such as the student council and the drama club. In the past six years, I have also represented The Priory at the QAIS curriculum meetings. Through my studies and professional development, I have developed a keen interest in curriculum and the continuous improvement of pedagogical and assessment practices. During the last school year, I started a faculty book club to inspire and promote more professional dialogue among the teaching staff. The new initiative was well-received and has led to innovative conversations about the role of feedback, assessment, and mindset in our teaching practices.

Christopher Federico
Director of Teaching and Learning, Prep and Upper Schools
Bayview Glen

I am currently the Director of Teaching and Learning at the Prep and Upper Schools at Bayview Glen, a role I have held only since August 2016. Prior to that I was the Director of Problem-Based Learning and Academic Administrator for Curriculum Design and Implementation, Research, and University Partnerships at the University of Toronto Schools. I am also a fellow of the I-Think Initiative at the Rotman School of Management, the development lead for The Learning Partnership's Global Solutions programme, and an instructor in the Master of Teaching programme at OISE. I was part of the team that established the Global Ideas Institute in partnership with the Munk School of Global Affairs at UofT, a programme that allows secondary school students to engage in real-world problem-solving on issues of global development with academic and policy experts and university graduate students. Using this as a jumping-off point, I have had the opportunity to lead a team of educators who have created a complete problem-based learning curriculum, including an evidence-based methodology for solving complex problems, that has been implemented in multiple school boards across Ontario and BC, with plans for further scaling in the future.

Courtney Shrimpton
Assistant Headmaster: Head of the Upper School and Director of Strategic Development
St. Andrew's College

Courtenay Shrimpton is Assistant Headmaster - Head of the Upper School and Director of Strategic Development at St. Andrew’s College. Previously he was Assistant Headmaster - Student Life and has served as a Housemaster. He continues to teach European History and coaches Football and Basketball. Prior to St. Andrew’s, he taught History and English and was the Dean of Students at Lower Canada College in Montreal.

Courtenay attended McGill University where he completed a Bachelor of Arts (History) and Bachelor of Education (History-Phys-Ed). He has also completed his Master’s degree in Leadership at Royal Roads University. Courtenay is also a graduate of the CAIS Leadership Institute and has taken Diploma courses at Harvard University in Global Education.

Courtenay has worked extensively with the C.A.I.S. as the lead researcher and author of the 2009 National Study on Head of School Leadership. He was the co-chair of the 2015 Senior Leaders Conference and the 2005 Student Leadership Conference. He has served on four Accreditation teams, and has worked for the CAIS on National Committee work in Risk Management (2009), Professional Development (2011), and on the National Professional Development Steering Committee (2012-2014).

Craig Jollymore
Director of Faculty and Programs
Rothesay Netherwood School

I am Director of Faculty and Programs at Rothesay Netherwood School, responsible for professional development, standards and best practices, hiring, our associate faculty program and providing support to our grade band leaders. Prior to this, I was a Learning Innovation Leader at the school and expected to be a catalyst for change. I facilitated the development of our Grade 12 Final Assessment, an alternative and (for us) innovative set of learning experiences for seniors that occur over a four week period after IB examinations and prior to graduation. This skill-based set of growth experiences was the result of faculty collaboration and has gone on to influence learning at all grade levels including our middle school end of year and our Grade 9/10 #disruptED days.

Elizabeth Dowdell
Primary Curriculum Coordinator
Saltus Grammar School

Liz graduated from the Concurrent Education program at Queen’s University in 1994, after completing a six-week student teaching placement in Bermuda - an experience that changed the course of her life. Liz taught at the primary level for a few years in Toronto before she made the move to Bermuda in 1998. She joined Saltus six months later and this has led to a stimulating, diverse and satisfying career at the school. Liz has taught throughout the Primary department, has been Literacy Coordinator and Assistant Director (Upper Primary) and was appointed the Primary Curriculum Coordinator for the 2016-2017 school year and onwards. Liz has a keen interest in 21st Century learning and has been a leader in technology development in the Primary department.

Gillian Martin
Assistant Head, Senior School
Havergal College

Raised by Housemaster parents on the campus of Ridley College, Gillian comes by the independent school lifestyle honestly, having grown up, lived and worked among independent school students, faculty and families throughout her life. Upon her graduation from Queen’s Faculty of Education, Gillian spent her first year of teaching as part of a four-member founding Faculty of a school in Kingston, Ontario, working collaboratively with two Queen’s University Faculty of Education professors, and one other eager new teacher, to develop the vision, mission, curriculum and day to day operations of a new private school for Eastern Ontario. Gillian next moved to Trafalgar Castle School, in Whitby, Ontario, where she spent the next 12 years as a Residential Faculty member, English Teacher and Department Head, and finally as the Vice Principal, School Life. In 2013, Gillian joined the Faculty at Havergal College as the Assistant Head, Senior School, where she continues to innovate and collaborate on areas such as student leadership, character/pastoral education, advisory and co-curricular programming, and building school culture. Never a dull moment when your focus is on student life!

Areas of particular interest for Gillian include building a design-thinking framework around the development and selection of student leadership with a focus on “the leader as learner” mentality, thinking critically about student engagement with an eye to mental and physical health and happiness, and on nurturing a school culture which embraces experiential education in harmony with academic expectations.

Glenn Zederayko
Head of School
Glenlyon Norfolk School

I am in my 30th year of not-for-profit education as the current Head of School at Glenlyon Norfolk School in Victoria. This is my fifth independent school over 3 provinces. I have served as Chair of the Governance Committee of CIS Ontario and on 9 CAIS Visiting Committees. I have also been the Chair of the Board of the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators. My most recent focus with innovative work is to lead GNS towards the development of a seamless program of education from JK-12. Prior to that, I worked with colleagues at TMS School to establish an IB (MYP and DP) grade 7-12 program that linked extraordinarily well to a very well regarded 18 month to grade 6 Montessori program as one school. Another key effort is working with colleagues to establish a highly effective model to support ongoing professional growth.

Heather Henricks
Vice Principal - Learning, Research, and Innovation
St. Clement's School

I am in my first year as the Vice Principal - Learning, Research, and Innovation at St. Clement's School. I have overall responsibility for all aspects of the academic and co-curricular program, Grades 1-12, and for initiating and leading enhancements and continual improvements in teaching and learning across the grades. Previously, I worked as a Vice Principal at the University of Toronto Schools and in the York Region Public School Board. Over the course of a few years at UTS, I worked with a team to develop and implement an integrated, multidisciplinary Health and Wellness curriculum for Grades 7 - 12 using the combined reosurces and epxertise of Guidance Counsellors, Health and Physical Education Speicalists, and Mental Health Professionals.

Hélene Martineau
French Educator
The Priory School

I am the Head of the French Department at The Priory School, in Montreal. I have been a French educator at The Priory School for 16 years, and am experienced teaching at all levels. I have been a member of a Visiting Committee for a CAIS school accreditation and was a leader in our own school’s accreditation process. I was educated at McGill University and obtained bachelor degrees in both Music and Education. When not teaching, I love to spend time running and swimming with my husband and three daughters.

Jennifer Colleran
Director of Teaching and Learning
The Sterling Hall School

I am the Director of Teaching and Learning at The Sterling Hall School in Toronto. I am responsible for the development of the curriculum, the quality of student learning, and the growth of our remarkable faculty. Inherent in the role is the collaboration with teachers, teacher leaders, and the greater community. We currently are working on a number of related fronts including how we best engage our students in authentic learning tasks, how we organize ourselves to create integrated units of study, and how to leverage the strengths of our highly collaborative faculty to develop creative ways of using integrated learning time. Prior to the role at SHS, I was a teacher at Branksome Hall for 20 years. During my time at Branksome, I also volunteered for the IB as a workshop leader, site visitor and consultant.

Jim Laplante
IT Director
Upper Canada College

I have been the IT Director at Upper Canada College since 2008 and Havergal College from 2004 - 2008. My 25 year career includes being a technology coordinator of a public school board, and teaching physics and calculus. I have had the privilege of consulting with schools across North America and Europe. I have managed a distance education program (one of the first in North America) and implemented multiple technology configurations to support academic and business innovation in our schools. I have co-chaired three CAIS leadership conferences and been a member of three accreditation teams. At UCC, I am particularly interested in the innovative use of academic space and innovative use academic time.

Kelsey Edmunds
Director of Information Technology
St. Clement's School

Hi I'm the Director of Information Technology at St. Clement's School in Toronto and am an active member of the Executive and Administrative teams at the school. I support a community of curious, courageous, and compassionate learners as we together explore the power of technology in the classroom and in our lives. I'm a University of Michigan graduate with an MBA from the Ivey school of Business. It's my 8th year working in education , prior to that, I spent 15 years in the corporate world working as a Technology consultant at both IBM and Price Waterhouse, across the US and Canada.

In January, 2016 I helped to lead an “Innovation Imperative Project” that was setup to challenge SCS and to extend our school's perspective, our program and influence beyond our walls.Some of the factors we considered were the changes in the educational landscape, changes in work place opportunities and environment, increased competition, changing demographics and economic pressures. At the core of our Innovation Project was a critical question posed by the leaders of SCS: “How do we prepare our girls for a changing world?” This project was set up to answer this question by using the Business Design methodology. This discipline integrates design methodologies into a process of understanding stakeholders, creating new and innovative solutions and designing a distinct strategy. For this undertaking, the SCS team was provided with the guidance and tools needed to develop a deep understanding of SCS students. The SCS team leveraged our own capabilities and expertise to discover new insights into the students’ needs and experiences and designed new possibilities to better prepare the students for a rewarding future.

Nicole Davies
Director of Teaching and Learning
Montcrest School

From 1999-2014, I was an educator at Havergal College. Throughout these 15 years, I held various positions including Middle School Science Teacher, Senior School Computer Science Teacher, Junior School Core Teacher, Junior School Technology Coordinator, Literacy and Curriculum Integration Coordinator, and the Assistant Head of the Junior School. Currently, I am the Director of Teaching and Learning at Montcrest School where I am primarily responsible for all aspects of curriculum development and implementation, as well as the professional growth of faculty. I am highly influenced by the work at Harvard's Project Zero where I have been both a student and a facilitator. With the support of the Montcrest senior administrative team, we have recently replaced our more traditional teacher evaluation system with a faculty growth plan. This system encourages all teachers to be lifelong learners and provides a more authentic and meaningful path for all teachers to continuously develop and improve through individualized professional development opportunities, feedback, practice, and reflection.

Mary Gauthier
Executive Director, Greenwood Centre for Teaching and Learning
Greenwood College School

As Director of the Greenwood Institute for Teaching and Learning and a member of the Leadership Team, our belief is that creating a culture of learning for all will optimize our work in the area of a student centered, personalized experience...a journey. Along that journey, innovation is a natural outcome that we want to support and nurture within our faculty. Our new flexible learning spaces and our co teaching model support the learning, thinking and planning in all we do. Two innovative experiences I am proud to share are 1) The Centre for Teaching and Learning has an innovative approach to weave what is currently happening and venture further and 2) Our Expert Teaching model is an innovative way to help teachers develop leadership expertise, have peer coaching conversations with colleagues and be a part of creating a Faculty Growth model that supports a culture of innovation.

Nicole Chichon-De Silva
Deputy Head (Student Life)
Saltus Grammar School

I came to teaching in 1992, after having worked in both London and Gibraltar in international business. I began my teaching career at Trinity Catholic High School, South Woodford where I taught French, Spanish and Media Studies to GCSE and A level standard before deciding to move to Bermuda in 1996. I came came to Bermuda as a MFL teacher. During my 20 years at Saltus, I have been lucky enough to hold many positions within the organization from Head of House to Head of Department to Year Co-ordinator to Deputy Director and then Director of SGY (Saltus Graduate Years). In 2016 I was the CAIS Accreditation Coordinator for the successful CAIS accreditation. In October 2015 I became Director of Upper School and in 2016 I was appointed as Deputy Head (Student Life). I have also acted as joint interim Head.

Sharon Klein
Head of School
St. George's School of Montreal

I am in my third year as Head of St. George's School of Montreal, which is a K-11 Co-ed School with and Elementary Campus (Gr. K-6) and High School Campus (Gr. 7-11). Previously I was Deputy Head Education at Queen Margaret's School in British Columbia. I have participated in many CAIS initiatives, such as the Next Step Program, and have worked on 3 CAIS School Accreditation Teams. I was also a member of the ISA BC Professional Development Committee for many years. I have worked with faculty and staff on many professional development initiatives, and many leadership initiatives over the years. Our current innovation at St. George's is the development of a K-11 Resiliency Curriculum. We are in our fourth year of development. This curriculum is based around 5 essential CORE concepts of human health, thus we call this curriculum the CORE 5.

Patrick Niwa
Director of Technology in Education
Meadowridge School

Patrick Niwa has been the Director of Technology for Meadowridge School since 2002. Technology has undergone many changes and advancement over that time, and Patrick's understanding of system thinking, the design cycle and collaborative change has enabled him to effect significant change at the school. Meadowridge is one of the first schools in British Columbia to implement a bring your own device programme, and is the first in the country to adopt a Senior Systems school data management system. A teacher by nature, Patrick has been instrumental in designing a computer infrastructure around learners needs, runs the school's International Trips programme, and is the chair of the school’s professional development committee.

Shailau Spivak
Junior School Principal
Hillfield Strathallan College

I am currently the Principal of the Junior School at Hillfield Strathallan College and an original 2051 participant. The Junior School at HSC is a vibrant community of learners comprised of 24 faculty and staff and approximately 200 children ranging in age from 16 months to 10 years old. As part of my goal as principal and in conjunction with the 2051 incubator, I have been working on innovation both in the areas of academics and business. We have aligned our curriculum and introduced new programs to the Junior School to better position ourselves for innovation and competitiveness. In order to be able to be ready for academic innovation, we have aligned areas of our curriculum to include the Ontario Curriculum documents, hands-on and inquiry approaches to learning as well as strategically introducing project-based learning. We have recently become one of the first schools in Canada to partner with the BIE this summer as the Project Based Learning Canada Institute hosts. We have also continued our work with Character Education and report card reform to represent skills necessary for critical thinking,communication, creativity and collaboration. In terms of business innovation, we have entered our second year of the Prekindergarten program at HSC which is reflected in our CAIS action research project grant.

Stephanie Young
Assistant Director Admissions
Ashbury College

I am a new member of the Ashbury College Admissions Team, joining the school in January 2017. My background is in educational advancement, having worked at Crescent School (Toronto), the Ivey School of Business at Western University (London, ON), and most recently at Brentwood College School (Mill Bay, BC). My experience includes major gifts, campaigns, annual giving, constituency relations, communications, moves management and relationship building. I have found many of the skills honed in my career in advancement serve me well in admissions, and my collective experience in both departments has deepened my understanding of individual motivations, needs, and goals.

Ted Spears
Head of School
Island Pacific School

I am the Founder and Head of Island Pacific School, which is located on Bowen Island in British Columbia. After the Project 2051 workshop in 2015, our staff ran a series of Blended Learning pilots with our students, followed by a survey and discussion regarding the value and effectiveness of the initiatives. All of this has been compiled into short book, which I will be sending and bringing to the Project 2051 workshop in April.

Tina Alto
Executive Director, Institutional Advancement
Balmoral Hall School for Girls

I am the Executive Director, Institutional Advancement of Balmoral Hall School for Girls, responsible for admissions, boarding, marketing/commutations, alumnae, advancement and external relations. With over 18 years building programs at BH I have followed the proverb "necessity is the mother of invention" and see a creative mindset as vital to our future success. Currently I volunteer on the CAIS boarding collective steering committee and the advisory committee of ISAP( independent school advancement professionals) committee and participated on 6 CAIS school assessments. Serving with BH leadership team has afforded unique opportunities to realize two strategic plans and currently contribute to my third for the school. Participating in Project 2051, July 2015 changed our conversations and contributed to a redesign of our Centre for Arts & Design (construction Jan 2018), to reflect a bold new vision influenced by many of the schools studied as well as our own travel to Finland's top schools and Harvard's conference where educators and architects dialogued about designing learning spaces for the future.

Tim Rutherford
Lakefield College School

Tim Rutherford, CPA, CMA is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), of Lakefield College School.

Tim joined Lakefield in the Fall of 2013, after serving as the CFO of GE Canada’s, GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy division. He has several years of progressive management experience in Finance and Accounting having also worked as a Controller and Finance Manager for a number of other organizations, including Pepsi-QTG Canada. Tim is a Certified Management Accountant and earned his Honours Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Brock University. He resides in Peterborough with his wife Jennifer (a local Teacher) and their four children.

Wendy Milne
Assistant Head - Academics
Shawnigan Lake School

I joined the Shawnigan Lake School staff in 1997 after completing my B.Sc. at Trent University and my B.Ed. through the Trent-Queen’s Concurrent Education Program. After 15 summers attending and working at YMCA Camp PineCrest in Muskoka Ontario, making the move to the boarding environment was a quick transition, and the best decision I could have made for my career at the time. In addition to continuing with my passion as a mathematics teacher, I have been a House Director, the Registrar, the Dean of Academics and I am now the Assistant Head – Academics, with oversight of all things Academic at Shawnigan. Completing my Masters of Education in Educational Leadership at VIU in 2014 and the CAIS LI program over the past few summers has given me a new passion – supporting teachers as they tackle the quickly evolving education system. I am currently wrapping up my CAIS Next Step Project, “Teaching and Learning Re-Imagined for Shawnigan’s Second Century” which has led to a new approach to timetabling, more cross-curricular collaboration, a cohort model in our junior grades, an altered weekly schedule and greater opportunities for teachers to learn from each other and be on top of new trends.

Alex Lianne Carter
Director of Educational Technology & Innovation
Calgary French & International School

Alex Lianne Carter is a French immersion graduate who completed a bilingual Bachelor of Education at the University of Alberta’s Campus St-Jean (2007) and a Masters in Educational Technology, with a graduate certificate in online teaching for adult learners, from Boise State University (2014). She has taught for nearly a decade in both French immersion and bilingual public and independent IB schools across Canada, in England and the British Virgin Islands. Over the years, she has helped design curriculum that adapts its programs for personalized learning to offer real-world experiences that develop the child learner as a whole. Eager to share her energy and enthusiasm for the use of technological tools to engage and enhance student learning, Alex Lianne is now in her second year as the Director of Educational Technology & Innovation at the Calgary French & International School.

Brenda Montgomery
Director of Academic Innovation & Growth
Selwyn House

I have been a teacher/administrator at Selwyn House School for 28 years. I began as a computer science and mathematics teacher, became Director of IT, and now I am the Director of Academic Innovation and Growth.

In the IT world, change and innovation are a constant. I implemented many systems for pedagogical and administrative uses, and I've spent time "in the trenches" of change management. However, over time, technological innovations were no longer as fascinating to me (although I still believe they are valuable), and I became more interested in pedagogical/structural/cultural innovations.

I am very close to finishing my Ed.D. at Western University (an online programme) where the academic reading has been challenging, frustrating, esoteric, but always relevant. Applying the academic research to practice has been incredibly useful for me.

Calvin Armstrong
Director, Teaching & Technology Innovation
Appleby College

I am a mathematics teacher and the Director of Teaching & Technology Innovation, looking at ways to meld technology with good pedagogy. Central to this has been the development of the precursor to the OneNote Class Notebook, which has formed a platform from which collaboration, differentiation and constructive-leaning opportunities have arisen and has now spread around the world. We also have an interest in expanding our data analytics and machine learning capabilities to provide students and educators with what they need to know when they need to know it. Our main focus, though, has always been to liberate teachers and students from unnecessary tasks and accelerate their work to provide them with the most crucial aspect of education: time.

Cathy Brazeau
Assistant Head of School - Teaching and Learning
Centennial Academy

I have worked at Collège Sainte-Anne as a Directrice adjointe and as the Directrice des services éducatifs at College Jean-de-Brébeuf until June 2016. Since 2015, I have also been teaching at Sherbrooke University in Graduate Programs related to change management (Diplôme de 3e cycle/Doctorat professionnel en gestion de l'éducation). My 12 years of experience as a member of the leadership team in these Montreal Private schools have lead me to become the Assistant Head of School - Teaching and Learning at Centennial Academy, responsible for academic programs in both French and English sectors. Since last August, I have the opportunity to collaborate with Mrs. Angela Burgos, our Head of School, whose leadership has brought many innovations to Centennial. Based on the latest results from research in Education, she and her team have developped numerous and efficient ways to help students with learning difficulties master their learning challenges and graduate on time.

Colin Powles
Director of Curriculum - Junior School
Trinity College School

I taught Grade 6 and Grade 7&8 social studies at Montcrest School from 1994-2001, and also served as Director of Students at Montcrest from 1997-2001. My family and I moved to Trinity College School in Port Hope in 2001, where I teach Grade 8 history and geography and health and physical education. I have served as the Director of Curriculum in our Junior School since 2007, with responsibility for academic administration and professional development. Our primary PD focus over the past 5 years has been exploring the many components of “deeper learning”: academic mindsets, authentic tasks and assessments, critical and design thinking, personalized and experiential learning and project based learning. Last year we were excited to launch our "Off-Grid" curriculum week, where we did away with our formal Junior School timetable, and students selected from a variety of experiential learning projects facilitated by their teachers and outside experts.

David McCarthy
Director of Learning
Brentwood College

Now in year two as Director of Learning, responsible for faculty development. For eight years previously I was Director of Academics with a much broader role but now I am focusing on helping our faculty reflect on their practice, work collaboratively and track their own professional development journey. Originally taught in the UK for seven years until moving out to BC in 1987. Until 2006 I was a Houseparent and taught senior biology and chemistry. A member of the original 2051 cohort, I have been working with teams of teachers to bring an innovation mindset to our school, promoting and encouraging experimentation and reflection. This has included the trialing of integrated projects with our Grade Nine class, involving the creative arts.

Denise Lamarche
Director of Academics
St. Michaels University School

Currently in my sixth year as Director of Academics at St. Michaels University School in Victoria, B.C., my main responsibilities include oversight of the academic program K to 12, hiring and professional development of teachers, supporting the digital learning plan and innovation in education. Previous roles included Assistant Director of Student Services, a one-year Director of Senior School maternity cover, and University Guidance Counsellor at Crofton House School in Vancouver and University Guidance Counsellor and French teacher at Collingwood School in West Vancouver. Over the past few years, I have been deeply involved with our Grade Ten Experiential program, with the implementation of a project-based and inquiry approach to learning, reimaging learning spaces including Imagination Labs and classrooms with flexible, modern furniture, and deepening our culture of professional collaboration. In addition to my work as a passionate educational leader, I am also mother of three children who attend St. Michaels University School – Claire (grade 8), Cole (grade 6) and Cate (grade 4).

Garth Nichols
Vice-Principal, Student Engagement & Experiential Development
Havergal College

In this role, I am responsible for Havergal College's strategic vision, direction and implementation of student engagement opportunities within, and outside, of the school. I am the co-founder and lead facilitator of CIS Ontario's Cohort 21.

Glen Downey
Chair of Strategic Thinking
The York School

I am a children’s writer, book editor, reviewer, consultant, and the Chair of Strategic Thinking at the York School, where I teach IB Diploma English and Theory of Knowledge. Since 2003, I have written more than 120 children’s books and graphic novels for award-winning series in the area of child and adolescent literacy development. My most recent book, In Search of Lost Time, was the product of a 2016 CAIS research grant and details the York School’s development of Smart Start, a 21st-century approach to timetabling. I also manage, a website dedicated to visual narrative in the K-12 classroom. Previous stops have included TFS, Appleby College, UVic, and UBC, where I was the recipient of the Ian Fairclough Award for Teaching.

Graham Lewis
Director, Learning and Teaching Innovation
Appleby College

Graham is the Director of Learning and Teaching Innovation, a Mathematics Teacher, Advisor, Mutual Respect Facilitator and Tennis Coach at Appleby College. Previously, he served as Curriculum Chair in Mathematics and Director, Pedagogy for the school. Graham is originally from the UK where he obtained his undergraduate degree and teaching qualifications. He has taught mathematics and statistics in a variety of educational systems in the UK, UAE and Canada for 23 years in independent schools, state schools, and a post-secondary community college in Canada. Obtaining his MSc. in Applied Statistics in 2009 his dissertation investigated the factors of motivation of students in an Ontario Community College. Graham has taught mathematics and English in the UK, mathematics and trumpet in the UAE, where he was also appointed chair of subject leaders, and currently teaches mathematics at Appleby. In his current role of Director, Learning and Teaching Innovation, he assists the school in continuing professional development, both as a mentor to individual teachers, and as a facilitator for whole school professional development. In his spare time he enjoys gardening, cycling, listening to music and also likes to watch sport, in particular soccer (especially Manchester United!) and Formula 1 racing.

Helen Pereira-Raso
Deputy Head
Holy Trinity School

My teaching career began in 1999 in the public school system in Ontario. In 2006, I began working at BSS and in 2014 I joined the staff at Holy Trinity School (HTS) as the Deputy Head. Over the past 18 years I have had the privilege of having a range of experiences, for example: teaching grades 7 through to 12 and taking on various roles in schools. I am passionate about all aspects of curriculum design, assessment and evaluation and professional learning. Working alongside faculty and students to co-construct learning experiences has brought me the greatest joy in my career as well as developing polices and professional learning experiences that are co-designed with stakeholders. At HTS, faculty, administrators and staff have worked collaboratively to design a new professional growth policy. The result is a process that honours teachers as learners and encourages purposeful risk taking, teachers have professional growth coaches they select and are mentored by Division Heads and Department heads, at the end of the school year we celebrate our learning through each faculty members learning portfolio.

Ian Kennedy
Head of Wentworth Campus
Collingwood School

I have been the Head of Collingwood School's Wentworth campus for five years. Previously, I was the Director of Instruction at Collingwood and an administrator in the West Vancouver public school system. I received my Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria and my Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (focusing on leadership), from Simon Fraser University. I have taught a variety of science, physical education and student leadership courses and have always been passionately involved in school leadership, teaching and learning, coaching and co-curricular activities. I am a CAIS Leadership Institute faculty member, an avid cyclist and am the proud father of two lovely daughters - Mckinley (15) and Riley (13).

Jason Rodgers
Rundle College

Jason Rogers is currently the Headmaster of Rundle College in Calgary, Alberta.

Prior to taking on the headship at Rundle College, Jason has served as classroom teacher, director of admissions, assistant principal and principal within the Rundle College community. Prior to moving to Calgary, Jason’s initial teaching experience was at an inner city school in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Jason has a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Calgary and recently received his diploma in Independent School Leadership from Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS).

Jason has a deep passion and empathy for students who learn differently and as result has employed design thinking to create innovative learning environments for the most divergent of learners. He has published articles on topics such as universal design for learning, creative study skills and the art of public speaking among other topics.

Outside of school, Jason has a love of family, travel, writing and the outdoors. In spite of growing up in Saskatchewan and cheering for the Roughriders his whole life, Jason and his wife have now made Calgary home.

Jimmy Tom
Director of Technology
Ridley College

I am the Director of Technology of Ridley College, responsible for information, education and communication technologies. I am a member of Ridley's Leadership Team, leading in strategic planning and innovation to enable the service and delivery strategy of the school as a leading edge institution. Prior to Ridley, I had spent a decade in the Ontario public post-secondary College system as a senior manager responsible for network and server teams. I have a balance of public and private sector experience, across education, financial and software/technology organizations.

Jon Butcher
Administrative Coordinator & Teacher
St. Andrew's College

After ten years in the public system as a physics teacher and network site administrator, I took the leap to St. Andrew's (1998) where I took on roles including IT Integration Chair, Professional Development Committee member, Science Dept. Head, and, currently Administrative Coordinator. It has been a privilege to work with an amazing team and faculty to design and implement a school wide laptop program (2002), moving to tablet computers (2009). The related program, training, and PD design and implementation were both challenging and immensely rewarding as we built a culture of risk taking, experimentation, collaboration, and mutual support.

Moving to my current position in 2014, I implemented and worked closely with Edsby to create a customized LMS, am currently working to manage and modernize all our data flow and data systems, while looking to the future through Project 2051 and involvement in SAC's brand new strategic plan.

Kimberly Bartlett
Director of Teaching and Learning
Pickering College

I am the Director of Teaching and Learning, Junior Kindergarten-Grade 12 at Pickering College. In my time at Pickering College, I have taught Grades 4-12 and I was the Head of the Social Science Department. As Director of Teaching and Learning, my responsibilities include teaching, all curriculum, professional faculty development and training. Over the last few years, we have worked as a faculty to develop our unique school wide Global Leadership Program. This has been an enormous shift as creative, innovative decision making now drives all programming in academics and activities beyond the classroom. Three aligned but distinct programs for Junior, Middle and Senior School students differ through the skills and academic instruction tailored to each division to progress to culminate in an action-based Global Leadership Diploma.

Kimberley Harvey
Director of Senior School
York House School

Kimberley Harvey is the Director of Senior School at York House School, an independent school for girls, located in the heart of Vancouver. Kimberley has worked in all girls’ learning environments for the last twenty years and has also volunteered with organizations, like CARE Canada, to educate young people today on the importance of investing in women and girls around the world. Her true passions lie in empowering and inspiring young women to be leaders who want to make meaningful, ethical and transformational contributions to the world around them.

Kimberley began her career at Havergal College, where she was an English teacher in the Middle and Senior School, Guidance Counsellor, House Advisor and led many Professional Development opportunities on how girls learn for faculty, both within the school and internationally. She started a partnership with OISE for teacher placements while at Havergal and oversaw this program until she moved west for her current role.

As Director of Senior School at YHS, Kimberley has the overall responsibility for leading and managing day to day operations of the Senior School (Grades 8 to 12), academic programs and co-curricular activities. She provides leadership and works collaboratively with all stakeholders to foster a strong, supportive and connected school. One area YHS has focused on recently is the importance of teacher collaboration time. As such, teachers now have a block in their timetable every other day to collaborate with their department. This small but significant change has both offered support to colleagues and has supported greater innovation in our school overall. Teachers invest time on curriculum alignment, integration of the new BC curriculum, and interdisciplinary integration.

Michael Burke
Deputy Head, Citizenship & Community Engagement

In my new role as Deputy Head, Citizenship & Community Engagement, I have oversight for all elements of student life beyond the classroom. During the past year, TFS has introduced a new strategic plan, with student all -round student development as a central pillar. We've introduced the concept of citizenship, a unique blend that harmonizes the North American approach to character education with the French approach, anchored in the development of responsible, discerning citizens. Our new citizenship priority helps focus resources to identify more effective ways to better contribute to the well-being, moral integrity, empathy, self-confidence, leadership qualities and public speaking skills of our students. We've introduced a series of new programs to support our plan. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that all TFS students become well-rounded, young people of good judgment, well prepared to be productive citizens.

Patti MacDonald
Principal, Junior School
The Bishop Strachan School

Patti MacDonald is the Principal of the Junior School at The Bishop Strachan School in Toronto. Before coming to BSS in 2007, she taught at The School at Columbia University in New York. Patti was a member of the founding faculty of this unique university affiliated school, teaching the inaugural Grade 2 class and then moving to the position of Grade 6 math teacher. While at TSCU, she transitioned into a leadership role and was involved with curriculum development, student assessment planning and teacher evaluation. She also coordinated the associate teacher mentoring program, student teachers and research. While in New York, Patti also acted as the educational consultant for the new independent school, Harlem Academy and facilitated the elementary education group at the Klingenstein Summer Institute, part of the Klingenstein Centre for Independent School Leadership at Teachers College, Columbia. Before moving to TSCU, Patti taught at the Institute for Child Study at the University of Toronto (OISE). At ICS, Patti taught Junior Kindergarten, first and second grade as well as contributing to research initiatives and the teacher education program. Patti's previous experience includes teaching Junior Kindergarten through eighth grade in Ontario public schools and teaching 18 month to 5 year olds at the Glendon Day Nursery at Glendon College, York University. With a passion for the early years, Patti developed the inaugural Junior Kindergarten program in Wentworth County.

Patti MacDonald
Principal, Junior School
The Bishop Strachan School

Patti MacDonald is the Principal of the Junior School at The Bishop Strachan School in Toronto. Before coming to BSS in 2007, she taught at The School at Columbia University in New York. Patti was a member of the founding faculty of this unique university affiliated school, teaching the inaugural Grade 2 class and then moving to the position of Grade 6 math teacher. While at TSCU, she transitioned into a leadership role and was involved with curriculum development, student assessment planning and teacher evaluation. She also coordinated the associate teacher mentoring program, student teachers and research. While in New York, Patti also acted as the educational consultant for the new independent school, Harlem Academy and facilitated the elementary education group at the Klingenstein Summer Institute, part of the Klingenstein Centre for Independent School Leadership at Teachers College, Columbia. Before moving to TSCU, Patti taught at the Institute for Child Study at the University of Toronto (OISE). At ICS, Patti taught Junior Kindergarten, first and second grade as well as contributing to research initiatives and the teacher education program. Patti's previous experience includes teaching Junior Kindergarten through eighth grade in Ontario public schools and teaching 18 month to 5 year olds at the Glendon Day Nursery at Glendon College, York University. With a passion for the early years, Patti developed the inaugural Junior Kindergarten program in Wentworth County.

Sharon Magor
Director, Enrollment Management
Rosseau Lake College

I have been an admission and marketing director for the last five years, in two different independent schools, and previously a communications professional for 15 years. My career started in advertising, where I developed and implemented large-scale educational campaigns for a variety of clients. In 2008, I founded my own consulting firm, B Positive Communications, where I was able to develop strategic marketing and communications plans for not-for-profit clients.

My mandate at Rosseau Lake College is to attract, evaluate, enrol and retain suitable mission-appropriate students. This includes all aspects of communications, admissions, recruitment, financial-aid assistance management and the retention efforts. An incremental innovation example I led was the sourcing and the implementation of an admissions software. This is the first time my school has been using one, and it allows for a streamlined workflow and cost saving opportunities.

Stephen Anthony
Head of Senior School
West Point Grey Academy

Stephen taught at the American Foundation School in Mexico and returned to Canada to put his experience and Masters of Education into practice – he has made WPGA his life’s work. He is described as a genuine connector warmly engaging with students of all ages, faculty and parents to purposefully foster a vibrant and unique school culture.

During his tenure he has served to create, develop, implement and steward numerous key programs and organizational systems across all levels of the school. He has both taught and held many positions of responsibility such that he is keenly in tune with the inner workings of all areas of a highly successful independent school. With 14 years as Head of the Senior School, he also has 12 years’ experience on the Board of Directors, chaired Risk Management and Educational Technology task forces, provided oversight for timetabling, website creation, student support, programming, headed the Mathematics and Experiential Education departments, and participated on committees for Strategic Planning, Buildings & Grounds, Communications, Governance, Admissions, Staffing, Accreditation and Advancement.

WPGA became the first Canadian school to join Global Online Academy (GOA). We developed a customized Global Studies Diploma Program in our school and have incorporated a GOA course into the program for our students. We have participated in the training of our own WPGA teachers, two of whom will be teaching GOA courses this and next year. We have about 30 students who have now completed a GOA course.

Trevor Julian
Assistant Head of School and Senior School Principal
Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School

I am currently the Assistant Head of School and the Senior School Principal at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School. As the Assistant Head of School, I oversee the day to day running of all three divisions of the school. As the Senior School Principal, I have direct responsibility for the Senior School. Previously, I was the Assistant Head of School and the Middle School Principal. As the Middle School Principal, I led the authorization of the Middle Years Programme of the IB at STS. I have been at STS for seven years and was at Southridge School in BC for thirteen years before that.

I am interested how we can personalize the educational experience to meet the needs of individual students without increasing tuition to crazy levels and without burning out our current faculty and staff.