CAIS Research

To support the continual improvement process within schools, CAIS provides research services to mobilize new knowledge. Such knowledge can bring global perspectives to the CAIS community of schools. CAIS also supports internal research programs that reveal trends and patterns to help schools use data-informed tools for decision making and program planning.

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Knowledge Mobilization

External and internal best practices are brought together as text and audio-visual resources to support CAIS leaders.

School Innovation Grants

The CAIS School Innovation Grant Program supports the creation of new knowledge within the CAIS network. 

School Surveys

School Surveys are performed regularly to support data-informed continual improvement of operational and educational practices.

Research Webinars 

Research Webinars educate school leaders on enduring and emergent issues.

Research Committees

CAIS' volunteer committees of school leaders and experts help ensure CAIS's research projects and initiatives provide optimum value to its members.

Please direct any questions or comments regarding the research programs and services to CAIS Research Coordinator David Goodman at