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Register for the 2020 National Leaders Conference

The National Leaders Conference is your opportunity to interact with a range of senior-level leaders in your network. For 2020, the audience will be 200+ Academic Leaders. Learn more here.

Register for the 2020 Spring Leadership Institute

The CAIS Diploma in Independent School Leadership is designed to prepare participants for senior leadership roles in independent schools. Learn more here.

Apply to the CAIS Strategic Change Accelerator

The CAIS Strategic Change Accelerator provides the guidance and support for school teams planning important innovative change. Learn more here.


Research is an integral part of how CAIS supports and serves our members’ needs. Through research CAIS empowers our members pursuit of excellence by providing opportunities for meaningful collaboration between schools to produce valuable resources for all member schools.

Our valuable research projects are located in CAIS Connect, our member school portal.

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signature projects

CAIS analyzes data and applies broad-based strategies and approaches to address the challenges and opportunities facing our member schools.

  • KPI Benchmarking Trends Report & Custom Reports
  • Compensation Surveys for Heads and Leadership Teams
  • Boarding Schools - Enrolment Data
  • Governance Guide
  • Ahead of the Game - Succeeding in Your First Year and Beyond (for new Heads)
  • 2051 Project & Challenge Incubator Reports

And more.

CAIS Research Contact

  • Communications & Research Coordinator

  • CAIS
  • 264 Welland Avenue
  • 2nd Floor, Suite P
  • St. Catharines, ON L2R 2P8