Heads' Retreat Program

“Education is the greatest gift of life, it should never stop.”
- Tony Clark, Author, Motivational Speaker

The 2022 Heads Retreat: A Retreat for Reflection, Connections and Conversation sold out quickly and took place July 4-7, 2022 at Hockley Valley Resort in Mono, ON.
Participants joined facilitators Martha Perry and Peter Sturrup to share thoughts, insights and challenges, gain different perspectives and have conversations with colleagues.

If you have any questions, please contact Catherine McCauley, Director of Professional Learning.

Information on the 2023 Heads Retreat is coming soon!



2022 Heads' Retreat Facilitators




Martha Perry
Principal at St. Clement's School


Peter Sturrup
Head of School at Pickering College

What Others have Said

I have attended the CAIS Head’s Retreat on a couple of occasions and found it invaluable. Martha and Peter are outstanding leaders and have set an agenda that contributes to a Head of School’s professional well being and growth. The opportunity to get together with colleagues from across the country to share stories and ideas for a few days in early July has definitely benefited our school, our leadership team, and myself. You won’t be disappointed in this investment of time.

Derek Logan, Head of School, Kingsway College School

The Head’s Retreat gave me an opportunity to reflect on the year and to gain perspective. It was such a collaborative and warm atmosphere and I appreciated working with trusted colleagues on tough topics. We engaged in open, honest conversations about challenges and had an opportunity to practice the art of questioning and coaching, which I found invaluable. This is one of the very few times as Heads we get to spend quality time with our peers across the country. I left feeling not only rejuvenated but supported. What a great way to close out the year and transition into the summer!

Sharon Klein, Head of School, St. Margaret's School