CAIS Strategic Change Accelerator

All schools have teams planning for uncertain times.

It's time to build your team's capacity to accelerate strategic change now.

Empower your team to lead more effectively now and in the future.

Stay tuned for program information for 2021/2022 to be updated shortly.

The Facilitators


The 2051 Project - A Journey & Evolution Story

In the summer 2015 44 CAIS school academic and business leaders came together for a three day intensive incubator to answer the question: How might CAIS schools ensure their strength and permanence through academic and business innovation? That meeting yielded the 2051 Project Report which clearly outlines WHY and WHERE CAIS schools should look to change and innovate in order to ensure their long term sustainability. That experience also identified a need within the CAIS school community for more strategic change management professional development. In April 2017 the 2051 Project met for a second time to discuss and think about “HOW” CAIS schools might best go about implementing, maintaining and sustaining strategic change. It was out of that experience that the CAIS STRATEGIC CHANGE ACCELERATOR was born.



What Past Cohort Participants are Saying


Dayna vanDoleweerd, Rothesay Netherwood School

"The CSCA was an incredible experience. I walked in on Day 1 with very little knowledge and not entirely sure what to expect, and from the moment the program began, I never stopped learning. It was well organized, focussed, informative, constructive, interactive...I am coming away from this experience completely inspired. So jazzed for the end of the beginning..."

Lucia Ringuelet, St. George's School

"Change does not need to be enormous to provoque considerable barriers and to require considerable time, energy, and work. Within a large context, small actions and corrections can go a long way in achieving an improved journey."

Jennifer Colleran, The Sterling Hall School

"We humbly threw our seed of an idea down in what is clearly the fertile soil of the CAIS Strategic Change Accelerator. The expert advice and mentorship, tools and challenging, gracious collaboration with our fellow schools has lead to the growth of a seedling project - different from what we expected, yet one we fully intend to cultivate for our boys."


Jessica Landry, St. George's School

"The CAIS Strategic Change Accelerator took me on a personal journey, as much as a professional one. Lessons shared this week won't just benefit our organization's change project. They opened my mind to the opportunities created when you embark on any kind of change adventure. Thank you to my team, our colleagues around the room, and to our fearless facilitators. Bravo!"




COVID-19 Resources & School Samples

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