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National Leaders Conference

The 2019 National Leaders Post Conference Call for Workshop Proposals are open until December 7. Apply here.

Strengthen Your School Leadership

CAIS values the constant and deliberate quest for excellence, and we recognize the vital leadership role that governors play, in partnership with Heads, in the success of our schools. We want all of our schools to have strong Heads who focus on supporting the students of the present, but we also want strong Boards that focus on supporting the students of the future.

The Governance Guide include new learning on a number of areas, including Human Resources, Risk Management, Head Transitions, and Consent Agendas.

CAIS members and non-members can purchase a hard copy here. And CAIS members can also view the full PDF in CAIS Connect here.

The Power of Questions – The ‘No Cost’ High Yield Tool for Leaders

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Date: April 26, 2017

Duration: 1 hour


What are the characteristics of effective questions? How does mindset impact your questions? What are examples of questions you might use with others? What questions do you ask yourself?

Join Heather Clayton, in part 1 of 2 Coaching and Leadership Webinars. On April 26 from 12 – 1 ET we will be focussing on “The Power of Questions”. We will answer the questions above and focus on applications in our contexts.

In this time of complex leadership, effective questions are a powerful and necessary tool. In this webinar we will consider:

  • Some principles of effective questions
  • Some examples and applications of questions we could use with others in strategic areas of our leadership
  • The mindset behind our questions using M Adams work – ‘Change your questions, change your life’.
  • A list of questions we could be asking ourselves as leaders (Modified from Harvard Business Review) so we don’t get caught in a ‘leadership bubble’.

Questions? Please email – heather @heatherclaytonconsulting.com


Heather Clayton
BA, B Ed., MA Leadership

Heather Clayton Consulting

Heather Clayton is passionate about people development. She has worked in education from elementary school to college level, public and private schools, across Canada and in Australia. She believes deeply in the power of collaboration, and strong leadership. She has spoken to groups of 5 to 1500, providing workshops and Ed Talks which receive strong reviews. Having served as a teacher, a consultant and a school administrator, she knows the importance of helping leaders and their teams to work at their full potential. With degrees in education (BA, BEd) and leadership (MA), and accredited with International Coaching Federation, she understands how important it is to integrate current research and ideas. Mostly, she finds it a privilege to work with people, helping them to enact their best selves in the workplace and beyond.