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CAIS Events / COVID-19 Updates

Professional Development and Student event statuses are in flux as we respond to the guidance of health officials. View our event updates here.

Apply to the CAIS Strategic Change Accelerator

The CAIS Strategic Change Accelerator provides the guidance and support for school teams planning important innovative change. Learn more here.

Professional Development

CAIS Offers an Extensive Calendar of Professional Development To Move Your School Forward.

CAIS’ professional development program is national, based on current and global effective practice and prepares, and connects and supports leaders in independent schools; ultimately, it has a demonstrable impact on educational excellence, leadership development and continuous whole school improvement.

CAIS holds three signature events each year:

Additional LIs are offered in the fall or spring according to demand.

In an effort to connect our members throughout the year CAIS is committed to “online all the time” and will offer webinars/online engagement forms based on current trends and issues.

Online PD

Our targeted webinars support our 12 National Standards and focus on key strategic issues.

For members only.

CAIS Events