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CAIS Membership Guidelines

All members must always meet the following requirements:

  1. The Board of Governors is elected and structured to oversee the mission, vision, values, and strategy of the school.  The school’s day-to-day operations are managed by the school’s senior administration that reports to the Board of governors (usually through the Head of School).

  2. Heads and Chairs* attend the annual Heads and Chairs Conference during which an Annual General Meeting is held. (*New Chairs should attend; Experienced Chairs may appoint another member of the Board)

  3. The School meets the National Standards.

  4. The School undergoes an accreditation process every seven years.

  5. The Head of School participates in an accreditation review at least every seven years and supports accreditation by regularly offering school leaders for Visiting Committee reviews.

  6. The School participates in annual Research Projects: Benchmarking and Compensation Surveys.

  7. The School pays the annual fee before the AGM.

  8. The School submits an Annual Membership Report.

  9. The School adheres to CAIS Policies.

All members are encouraged to support the following programs and services:

  1. CAIS leaders attend the Partnership Conferences, including Junior and Middle School, Senior School, Advancement, Business, Admissions, Athletics, University Counselling, IT, Student Leadership, and others as approved by the National PD Steering Committee.

  2. The School supports joint projects that are endorsed by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. Specific projects include the following:
    • Student Leadership Conferences for Middle and Senior School students
    • Collaborative Boarding Project
    • Athletic tournaments
    • Leadership Institute
    • Additional research projects (available to participating schools only)

Any material failure by a school to meet the above requirements will be reviewed by the CAIS Board of Directors and could, at the CAIS Board’s discretion, lead to suspension or revocation of the school’s membership.

You can EXPECT THE BEST at CAIS independent schools.

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