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CAIS Strategic Plan

In establishing Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) in 2010, a guiding principle was to hold true to the best of what both organizations (the Canadian Association of Independent Schools and the Canadian Educational Standards Institute) provided while examining the potential to become something even more valuable to schools. The commitment to developing a Strategic Plan for CAIS early in its existence, is a reflection of how important it is that the new organization know where it's going, where its two former organizations have been, and how it will serve the interests of its members.  

In August 2013, the CAIS Board approved a new Strategic Directions 2013-2017, which will be presented at the Heads and Chairs Conference in October in Vancouver. The full document will be released to schools in the fall, but we are pleased to present our new Vision, Mission and Values here:

VISION:  To be the standard of excellence in learning and leadership, shaping the future of education.

MISSION:  To pursue continuous whole school improvement through exemplary leadership training, research, and accreditation.


Student-Centred:  The students of our schools are the reason we exist.  Strong schools can inspire students, who can, in turn, change the world.  Everything we do must ultimately support the learning and development of students. 

Leadership:  Exemplary leadership is the essential ingredient to continuous improvement and innovation.  Our role is to shepherd, steward, and serve school leaders.

Excellence:  Excellence is a constant and deliberate quest.  Our schools share a passion for continuous improvement and innovation to support their commitment to educational excellence and long-term sustainability.  Our commitment is to deliver excellence to our members in everything we do.

Collaboration:  Collaboration fuels creativity and leverages resources.  By working together within our community and with others on common issues, we bring greater value to all of our schools and to our students.

Relevance:  We best serve our schools by focusing on issues and programs that are relevant to our standards and support school improvement and innovation.  

National & Global Perspective:  We address national issues that affect our members within the context of a rapidly changing globalized world. 

You can view the CAIS Strategic Plan at this link

Please click here to download the CAIS Draft Strategic Plan for 2013-2017 Presentation

Please click here to download the CAIS Collaborative Boarding Project.

Please click here to visit the CAIS School Directory.

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