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3. Academic Program

The academic program should be designed to facilitate the school’s mission and be implemented to meet the needs of its students. All students at an independent school should be receiving an enriched education.

In this Standard, the school’s program must be congruent with its mission and strategic plan. The academic program must be based upon an articulated philosophy and supporting research about how students learn and the most effective ways to teach them.

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Is Politcal Correctness Impinging on Academic Freedom?-  In an era of increasing political correctness, how teachers make effective judgments on the content and shape of their courses becomes increasingly important. But political correctness may impinge on academic freedom. Given the inherent instability of language, it's not easy to draw the line. (Updated April 11, 2014)

CAIS Online Learning Committee Research- The CAIS Online Learning Committee, chaired by Kevin McHenry of St. Andrew's, is meeting next week to continue its research into future accreditation of online and blended learning.  If you have a resource to share for this group's consideration, please contact the office.  To read a copy of the "State of the Nation: K-12 Online Learning in Canada" report, click here. (Updated April 11, 2014) 

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