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CAIS National Standards

Our 12 National Standards are researched, internationally recognized, and cover all areas of program and operation.  

Please click on the images below to link to information and resources related to each Standard.

The aim of accreditation is to encourage the highest educational standards while also respecting the individual mission of each CAIS school. In administering the accreditation process, CAIS prompts each school to be accountable to all of its constituents, to be more intentional in its practices, and to constantly strive for excellence for all students. 

CAIS partners with parents and all other members of the educational community in articulating high standards and accrediting the best schools.

Please click here to view the September 2010 Globe and Mail article on the benefits of accreditation.

Please click here to access the 2012 Accreditation Guidelines. (Available to Members Only) 

NEW Please click here to view the Accreditation Guidelines in French. (Disponible seulement aux membres)

Please click here to access the Trends and Accreditation Overview Presentation.

 1. Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy

 2. Co-Curriculum and Learning Environment

3. Academic Program

4. School Leadership 

5. Human Resources

6. School and Community 

7. Admission Procedures

 8. Governance 

 9. Finance

10. Physical Plant, Health and Safety

11. Commitment to School Improvement

12. Residential Program Standard

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