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Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (“CAIS”) is committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining the integrity of any identifiable information that we collect about our users ("Personal Information") through the www.CAIS.ca website and any related CAIS websites (collectively, the “Site”). CAIS believes that it is important that our users understand what Personal Information is collected and the following Privacy Policy explains CAIS’ privacy practices, describes the steps that CAIS takes to keep your Personal Information confidential, to inform you about how and why CAIS collects Personal Information and to provide you with CAIS contact information should you have questions or concerns about our online Personal Information protection practices. We understand that you want control over how CAIS collects, uses and discloses your Personal Information.

Links to Other Websites

This Site may contain links to the websites of our member schools, affiliate associations, corporate supporters and other third parties that are independently owned and operated by such third parties. These other websites have their own privacy policies and are not governed by this Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any website(s) owned and operated by any such third parties. Other websites may collect and treat information collected differently, so we encourage you to carefully read and review the privacy policy for each website that you visit via the Site or otherwise.

How CAIS protects your Personal Information

CAIS keep your Personal Information that you provide to us in strict confidence. Your Personal Information is not sold and you have control over how CAIS obtains, uses, and gives out Personal Information about you. You also have access to the Personal Information that CAIS has about you and CAIS respects your privacy when we market our services.

What type of Personal Information does CAIS collect?

CAIS collects various types of Personal Information. To access certain of our services you may be asked to provide certain contact information (such as your name, e-mail address, address, postal code, telephone number, etc.). Should you wish to attend our professional development courses, you will also be asked to provide us with credit card or other payment information.

How does CAIS collect Personal Information?

CAIS will only collect Personal Information that you have voluntarily provided to us. CAIS will not collect any Personal Information about you without informing you ahead of time (either through this Privacy Policy or at the time CAIS is requesting Personal Information from you) why and how Personal Information is being collected and how such Personal Information will be used or disclosed (if applicable).

The following are examples of how CAIS may collect Personal Information:

a) Online Job Applications - Users of the Site may search online for available positions at CAIS and other member schools and submit job applications online with respect to such openings. Users who use such service will be asked to provide a cover letter, a resume and provide particulars as to their work experience, proficiencies and work preferences.

b) Educational Events – Users of the Site may wish to sign up at certain educational events offered by CAIS, including its Leadership Institute and conferences. Before registering and participating in these events you will be asked to provide us with certain Personal Information, including your name, e-mail address, address, postal code, telephone number, payment information, etc.).

c) Clickstreaming - Clickstreaming is a technology that allows the Site operator to track the paths that surfers take as they access a website and look at the site's pages, and as they use links to other sites. CAIS collects such information from visitors to the Site.

d) Web site traffic information – CAIS monitors and analyses traffic information on the Site in order to determine which features and services are popular and useful to visitors, so that CAIS can improve our services.

Lastly, our web servers also seek (as many websites do) to place a "cookie" (a small data file) on your computer's hard drive which allows the server to identify the computer when it visits again, in order to improve site navigation. This cookie is not used to obtain your name or any Personal Information, and the information that is tracked is used for internal purposes only. However, if you prefer not to accept cookies, you can set your browser to reject them or to alert you before one is placed.

The collection of Personal Information

Why does CAIS collect your Personal Information? CAIS collects Personal Information and uses it solely in order to: (i) provide ongoing services; (ii) answer your questions, queries or complaints; (iii) review and evaluate job applications filed online through the Site; (iv) provide you with information (e.g. through direct mail and/ or e-newsletters); (v) protect you and us from error and fraud; and (vi), where required, co-operate with law enforcement authorities, to comply with a court order or to prevent a breach of any applicable law.   CAIS will infer your consent to the collection of Personal Information for these purposes though your use of the Site and CAIS’ systems.

We collect, use and disclose Personal Information only for purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances.

How CAIS may disclose Personal Information

CAIS does not sell to third parties any Personal Information that CAIS collects. CAIS will obtain your consent before CAIS obtains, uses or discloses to other persons, information about you except as otherwise described in this Privacy Policy unless we are obliged to do so by law or to protect CAIS’ interests.

CAIS may share the Personal Information that you provide with other companies hired to provide services for us. These companies - our third party vendors - are contractually bound to use Personal Information shared with them only to perform the services they have been hired to provide. CAIS does not share, sell, or lease Personal Information about you to any other third-parties except as otherwise described in this Privacy Policy.

By choosing to provide CAIS with your Personal Information as described in this Privacy Policy, you are further consenting to its use in accordance with the principles outlined in this Privacy Policy and as may be further outlined at the time of collection.

You may withdraw your consent after you have given it

The protection of your Personal Information is of critical importance to us. If you don't want CAIS to use Personal Information collected about you for marketing or publicity purposes, please tell us at the time the information is collected.   You can withdraw your consent any time after you have given it to us, provided there are no legal requirements to prevent this, by sending an e-mail to privacy@CAIS.ca.

Please note, if you do not consent to certain uses of information, or if you withdraw your consent, CAIS may not be able to provide you with a particular service. If so, CAIS will explain the situation to you to help you with your decision.

CAIS asks for your consent before sharing Personal Information with third parties

We may share Personal Information about you within CAIS and with (i) named third parties, i.e. in connection with the National Tracking Project; or (ii) our third party vendors (including credit card processors), however CAIS will not release it to anyone outside of CAIS and such named third parties and third party vendors without your consent.

There are some limited exceptions to the above rule. For example, CAIS may collect, use or disclose Personal Information without your consent if CAIS: i) must disclose information for legal reasons as we may be compelled to release information by a court of law, or other legal or regulatory authority. If so, our policy is to release Personal Information only to the extent that CAIS is required to do so; ii) has to protect the interests of CAIS as in certain circumstances, CAIS may have to collect, use or release Personal Information for its protection. For example, CAIS may do so to detect or prevent fraud.

Verifying and amending your Personal Information

You can check your Personal Information to verify, update and correct it, and to have any obsolete Personal Information removed. For the purpose of clarity, CAIS will ask you to put your request in writing. There is no charge for verifying or correcting your Personal Information. Depending on the circumstances, there may be a charge if you want a copy of records, which CAIS has already given you. We will let you know in advance if there is a charge.

It may not be appropriate for us to release certain information to you. Where information will not or cannot be disclosed, CAIS will provide you with the reasons for non-disclosure.

If CAIS has obtained Personal Information about you from other third parties, upon your request, CAIS will let you know the third party that we received it from, subject to applicable law.

Responding to your request

We will use commercially reasonable efforts to deal quickly with your request to see your Personal Information, and always respond to you within thirty (30) days. If CAIS needs to extend the time, or CAIS has to refuse your request, CAIS will tell you why, subject to any legal restrictions and CAIS will notify you of the new deadline, the reasons for the extension, and your rights under applicable legislation respecting the extension.

Whenever possible, CAIS will update any Personal Information obtained from any source. If a third party has given us Personal Information which you tell us is incorrect, CAIS will give you the name and address of that party so that you can correct the Personal Information.

Additionally, there may be files that include Personal Information about you and other users, or that have information confidential to CAIS or are the property of CAIS. As CAIS must protect everyone's confidentiality and legal rights, CAIS cannot make these files available to persons outside of CAIS. However, CAIS will make available to you any factual Personal Information about you contained in such files.


CAIS will maintain commercially reasonable physical, procedural and technical security measures with respect to its offices and information storage facilities so as to minimize any loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, or modification of Personal Information. This also applies to our disposal or destruction of Personal Information.

CAIS keeps the Personal Information that we collect about you strictly confidential. Only authorized personnel have access to this Personal Information. CAIS and its third party vendor personnel who have access to Personal Information receive special training regarding privacy protection.

If any employee of CAIS or its third party vendors misuses Personal Information, CAIS will consider such action as a serious offence for which disciplinary action may be taken, up to and including termination of employment. If any individual or organization misuses Personal Information - provided for the purpose of providing services to or for CAIS – then CAIS will consider this as a serious issue for which action may be taken, up to and including termination of any agreement between CAIS and that individual or organization.

CAIS’ computer security specialists endeavour to build security into all our computer systems. This protects your Personal Information at all times, when it is stored in data files or handled by our employees.

CAIS has taken steps to protect the confidentiality of your on-line viewing. When you visit the Site, the Site is able to recognize your Internet service provider, but does not identify you as an individual. CAIS has also taken steps to ensure that any service providers and suppliers with whom we share any Personal Information are committed to maintaining the privacy of your Personal Information, as outlined in this Privacy Policy, and refraining from making any independent or unauthorized use of such Personal Information.

However, for greater clarity, CAIS cannot guarantee that any Personal Information that you may choose to disclose via the Internet will not be intercepted by third parties. We assume no responsibility for Personal Information disclosed through the Internet, which is intercepted, diverted or otherwise accessed.

Retention and disposal

CAIS keeps your Personal Information only so long as we need it for the services that you are using, to offer you services and for a reasonable time thereafter, or to meet any legal requirements. CAIS has retention standards, which meet these requirements. CAIS destroys your Personal Information when it is no longer needed, or we remove your name from the Personal Information.

Resolving your concerns

CAIS is committed to upholding the CAIS Privacy Policy. Since CAIS is responsible for the Personal Information under its control, it has designated its Privacy Officer as accountable for CAIS’ overall compliance with privacy laws and with this Policy. Responsibility for ensuring compliance with the CAIS Privacy Policy rests with our Privacy Officer, who may designate one or more persons to be accountable for its compliance. Other individuals within CAIS may be delegated to act on behalf of the Privacy Officer or to take responsibility for the day-to-day collection and processing of Personal Information. CAIS will use commercially reasonable efforts to dedicate such resources as are reasonably necessary to ensure these privacy principles are adhered to, and shall review these resources periodically. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about our Privacy Policy, or about how CAIS is living up to it, please let us know right away by sending the Privacy Officer an email at privacy@cais.ca or by sending the Privacy Officer a letter to the following address:

Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS)
P.O. Box 3013, 2 Ridley Road
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2R 7C3
Attention: Privacy Officer

Whatever the circumstances, resolving the problem for you is our primary concern. Providing legal action has not been taken on the matter, the Privacy Officer will further consider your concern and you will receive a response within thirty (30) business days.   If you are not satisfied with the decision of CAIS’ Privacy Officer regarding your complaint, you can ask how your complaint can be further escalated.

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