Membership Fees

Candidate and Member School Fees

The same fees apply for both Candidate and Member schools:

  • The membership fees for CAIS are based on the number of students enrolled in your school
  • The Annual Fee per student is $21.50 (Minimum fee of $3200)
  • Schools are invoiced annually in September

In addition to the membership fees, schools are invoiced in September for the Heads & Chairs Conference. Attendance is an expectation of Candidate and Member schools. The current registration fee for Heads of School and Board Chairs is $1295 each.

An additional fee is required for Member schools in the Canadian Boarding Collective. These fees follow a tiered structure based on the school's total boarding student enrolment.

There may be additional fees relating to specific services and events. Candidate/Member rates are available in the program descriptions.

Applicant School Fees

The Application Fee of $1000 is payable at the time of the application. Applicant schools also cover the travel and accommodation costs associated with the visit from the Applicant School Review Team.

Further information regarding the application for CAIS membership can be found in the Membership Application Package.

Benefits of Membership

Why should schools join CAIS?