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CAIS Events / COVID-19 Updates

Professional Development and Student event statuses are in flux as we respond to the guidance of health officials. View our event updates here.

Apply to the CAIS Strategic Change Accelerator

The CAIS Strategic Change Accelerator provides the guidance and support for school teams planning important innovative change. Learn more here.

Candidate School Requirements

Candidates are required to meet all of the CAIS Membership Guidelines as well as the following criteria:

  • Candidates have up to three years to complete the full accreditation process, including the Visiting Committee review;
  • Candidates do not vote at the Annual General Meeting;
  • Annual membership fees begin upon acceptance as a Candidate and are pro-rated on a calendar basis;
  • Candidates are required to meet the CAIS Policy on Usage of Logo.

As a Candidate, the school will be entered into the National Accreditation Calendar and be scheduled for its first full accreditation review. As noted in the criteria above, the review must be scheduled to take place within three years of acceptance as a Candidate. CAIS’ Accreditation Coordinator will contact the school to confirm a date that is suitable.

Achieving Accredited Member Status

In order to have the school’s status changed to Accredited Member, the school is not only required to undergo the full accreditation process within three years of becoming Candidate, but it must also successfully meet all of the CAIS National Standards. This is in accordance with the Membership Guidelines.

Should it be determined in the accreditation review that a Candidate school is not meeting any number of CAIS National Standards, the Candidate school will have one year to successfully address the recommendations within the Standards Not Met. For more information, please review the Accreditation Overview.