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Leadership Institute

Prepare for senior leadership roles in independent schools with our Leadership Institute. Learn More & Register

Online PD Webinars

Each year, we host webinars on national topics that are most relevant to our leaders. Access previously recorded webinars in CAIS Connect. Register for upcoming webinars here.

New PD model

Anne-Marie speaks to moving forward with a new national PD model with the creation of one national conference. Watch the Video

2015 CAIS Accreditation Guidelines

Review the new CAIS Accreditation Guidelines that are being piloted this school year. We welcome your feedback!

Candidate Review

The Candidate Review process consists of two CAIS School Heads attending the Applicant school for a one-day review. A mutually agreed upon date will be chosen for the review to take place.


The Applicant school will arrange accommodations for the Candidate Review Team if necessary.

The Candidate Review Team will schedule their own travel and submit all expenses incurred to the Applicant school for reimbursement.

Review Schedule

The applicant school should plan for the following:

  • The day begins at 8am with a meeting with the Head of School
  • Schedules individual meetings with the Board Chair and Leadership Team members (Directors of Finance, Admissions, Advancement, IT, School Divisions, etc.)
  • A School tour, preferable led by students
  • Time for documentation review
  • Optional meetings with other key members of the School Community
  • The day ends at 3pm with a final meeting with the Head of School

Following the review, the Candidate Review Team will submit a report to CAIS which includes a recommendation to the Evaluation Council on whether or not the Applicant is ready to become a Candidate.

The Evaluation Council will review the report and make a recommendation to the CAIS Board of Director. The CAIS Board of Director makes all final decisions on Applicant acceptance.

Successful Applicants will become Candidate schools.

Candidate School Requirements

Learn more about Candidate school requirements and the path to full membership.

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