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The CAIS Strategic Change Accelerator provides the guidance and support for school teams planning important innovative change. Learn more here.

Candidate Review

The candidate review process consists of two CAIS School Heads, one a CAIS Board member, attending the applicant school for a one-day review. A mutually agreed upon date will be chosen for the review to take place.

On the selected date, the Candidate Review Team will spend one day at the school meeting with various members of the school community. The review team will ask questions and look for evidence that the school will be able to meet the CAIS National Standards within three years.

Following the review, the Candidate Review Team will submit a report to CAIS which includes a recommendation to the Evaluation Council on whether the applicant is ready to become a candidate.

The Evaluation Council will review the report and make a recommendation to the CAIS Board of Directors. The CAIS Board of Directors makes all final decisions on applicant acceptance.

Following the Board meeting, the applicant will receive a communication from the Executive Director detailing the Board’s decision. The applicant will also receive a summary of the Candidate Review Team’s report outlining the observed areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Successful applicants will become candidate schools.

Please refer to the Membership Application Package for further details on this process.

Review Schedule

The applicant school should plan the day to include the following:

Sample Schedule:


Breakfast meeting with the Head of School


School tour led by students


Meet with the Director of Finance


Meet with the Director of Admissions


Meet with the Director of Advancement/Marketing/Communications


Lunch with Student Council


Meet with Director of Academics/Director of Teaching and Learning


Meet with the Director of Student Life


Observe a Senior Leadership Team Meeting


Meeting with the Head of School and Chair of the Board


Candidate School Requirements

Learn more about Candidate school requirements and the path to full membership.

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