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Register for the CAIS National Leaders Conference

Register today to join us virtually on April 12-16 for the 2021 National Leaders Conference: Positive Transformation: Reframing our Relevance.

This year we are offering two distinct conference experiences - one for Academic leaders and one for Operations leaders - all for one school fee with unlimited attendees! Find out more here.

COVID-19 Resources & School Samples

CAIS members can view up to date COVID-19 resources and school samples here.

Application Process

We are pleased that you are exploring the pathway towards CAIS Membership.

CAIS Accreditation drives each school to be more intentional in its practices, to be accountable to all of its constituents and to constantly strive for excellence. Our accreditation process aligns with the highest National Standards, guiding schools through a continuous whole school improvement process that combines both an internal self-evaluation and an external peer review.

Our members agree on the value of the process. In a 2019 CAIS survey, 92% of members agreed or strongly agreed that the Accreditation program effectively drives continuous school improvement and positively impacts school operations.

Schools wishing to apply for CAIS membership should contact Tracey Nolan at the CAIS office at tnolan@cais.ca to arrange a time to speak with the Executive Director Patti MacDonald about CAIS, the value of membership and the accreditation process. In order to apply for membership, schools have to be in continuous operation and viable for at least five years.

Schools wishing to proceed with the application process need to submit the Membership Application Package and pay the application fee.

CAIS will review the application and contact the Head of School to discuss the next step: The Applicant School Review Process.

If you have any questions, please contact Catherine McCauley, Director of Accreditation & Research at cmccauley@cais.ca.


Benefits of Membership

Why should schools join CAIS?

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