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CAIS Events / COVID-19 Updates

Professional Development and Student event statuses are in flux as we respond to the guidance of health officials. View our event updates here.

Apply to the CAIS Strategic Change Accelerator

The CAIS Strategic Change Accelerator provides the guidance and support for school teams planning important innovative change. Learn more here.

Application Process

Schools wishing to apply for CAIS membership should first download and review the Membership Application Package. Once complete, the Head of School and/or Board Chair is encouraged to contact the CAIS office to arrange a time to speak with the Executive Director about CAIS, membership and the accreditation process.

If the school wishes to pursue membership, the Executive Director will plan to visit the campus to present to the Board and to learn more about the school and its community. If CAIS and the school's leadership determine that there is a good fit, the school will be invited to move forward with the application process.

The completed package, along with all required supporting documentation and the application fee, should then be forwarded to the CAIS office.

A school’s application submission is preferably received via email, cmccauley@cais.ca; the application fee payment forwarded separately.

If a school chooses to submit the application package in hard copy format, three complete copies should be forwarded to the CAIS office:

Canadian Accredited Independent Schools

  • PO Box 56
  • Jordan, ON L0R 1S0
  • (905) 684 5658

The applicant school will be notified by CAIS once the application has been received.

After the application package has been reviewed and confirmed to be complete, the CAIS Executive Director will reach out to the applicant school Head to arrange for the next step in the process – the Candidate Review Process

Candidate Review Process