Benefits of Membership


In a country where education is a provincial jurisdiction, our national organization encourages schools to provide more than the provincial requirements in terms of programs and opportunities for students.

Benefits of Membership

Member and Candidate schools have access to all CAIS privileges, including:


  • A recognized status assuring adherence to 12 National Standards
  • An external peer review process that acts as a catalyst for change
  • Continuous whole school improvement
  • Watch our Why CAIS Accreditation video

Professional Learning and Career Resources

  • National Leaders Conference
  • Heads & Chairs Conference
  • Leadership Institute including Introduction to Independent School Leadership, Diploma Program, Next Step Program
  • Strategic Change Accelerator
  • Online Leadership Development access, e.g. webinars and learning series
  • Job posting on our highly visited Career Board


  • Annual and Ad Hoc Research Projects
  • School Innovation Grants
  • CAIS Connect (resource portal)
  • Research surveys (including Benchmarking, Heads Compensation and Senior Leadership Compensation)

Collaboration and Networking Opportunities

  • National Networks and sharing of knowledge, e.g. Network Zoom meetings and LinkedIn groups
  • National Collaborative Initiatives, e.g. Canadian Boarding Collective and CAIS Green Schools
  • Volunteer opportunities such as Professional Learning Event planning committees

CAIS Accreditation drives each school to continually strive for excellence, be more intentional in its practices and be accountable to all of its constituents. Our accreditation process aligns with the highest National Standards, guiding schools through a continuous whole school improvement process that combines both an internal self-evaluation and an external peer review.

If you have any questions, please contact the CAIS Accreditation Team at


Become a CAIS Member

This package includes expectations and guidelines for membership as well as application requirements