CAIS schools are widely regarded to be among the best in the world. To be accredited, schools must value ongoing improvement and commit to a voluntary assessment process that is rigorous and thorough.


Why should this matter to you as a parent?

We know all parents seek and expect the best for their children. You want your child to grow, learn and thrive, to be exposed to great teaching and learning opportunities, and to reach his/her potential in every area of academic and social development.

CAIS member schools meet the highest of National Standards – not just Ministry of Education requirements – in all aspects of program and operation.

CAIS schools are committed to unmatched educational experiences and an ongoing commitment to improvement in every aspect of school life. A CAIS review is holistic, comprehensive and rigorous. CAIS accreditation is a peer-reviewed, exhaustive process that examines school operations from every angle.

No other Canadian accreditation or standards organization in education is as thorough.


How does CAIS impact your child directly?

In addition to school accreditation, CAIS offers a wide variety of programs including National Student Leadership Conferences at both the Middle and Senior School levels; National Sports Tournaments; Professional Learning for teachers and school administrators and much more.


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Choosing A Boarding School

CAIS Boarding Schools meet the highest international standards of educational excellence.

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