2019-2020 CAIS Sponsorship Commitment Form

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Meals Onsite:

Please note that meals are only available for sponsors at certain levels of sponsorship. Visionary, Collaborator and Connector level sponsors allows access to all breakfasts and lunches, however, some working meals may be excluded due to topic sensitivity.

Please list restrictions or write NO.​​ NOTE: If your dietary restrictions require meals to be outsourced by the venue, additional charges may apply.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Companies interested in being a CAIS Sponsor must agree to the following points:

Please read the following points carefully.​​​​
  • CAIS does not endorse the Sponsor’s products or services. Any implication of endorsement provides grounds for revocation of CAIS Sponsor status.
  • Any interactions with CAIS members and/or member school families must only emphasize the strengths of the Sponsor’s products or services and refrain from referencing the weaknesses of competitors.
  • Products or services of sponsors must be of interest to member schools and/or member school families.
  • Sponsorship can be revoked if CAIS concludes that the Sponsor’s business practices are inconsistent with CAIS’ core values and/or interests of its members.
  • Corporate Sponsor Agreement is not considered complete until it has been received in our office and accompanied by payment in full.
  • Sponsors must not use the CAIS name or logo without the express consent of the organization.
  • CAIS reserves the right to refuse sponsorship to applicants for any reason.
  • Due to the confidential material discussed at our conferences/events, sponsor attendance in certain sessions may be limited or prohibited.
  • Certain types of sponsorships made to CAIS require approval from the Executive Committee of the Association’s Board of Directors. Where acceptance by the Executive Committee is required and the Committee is in doubt whether the particular sponsorship should be accepted, the matter may be referred to the full Board for its consideration. Violation of any of the above standards provides grounds for termination of Sponsorship.
  • Sponsors must include an unsubscribe option on any and all Sponsor/Member communication. Failure to do so may result in partial or complete loss of sponsorship benefits.

Payment Information:

Payments by Cheque must be received prior to the Conferences selected or on-site benefits will not be provided. ​

Payment Method: Credit Card or Cheque

You will be redirected to the payment page if you have an amount owing when you click on Submit Registration below. You will be asked to choose between a Credit Card or Cheque payment.

See Cheque instructions here

CAIS reserves the right to cancel a conference/institute/camp if there is insufficient enrollment. In this unlikely event, participants will be notified well in advance of the conference/institute/camp and given a full refund. CAIS, however, cannot be responsible for any financial obligation incurred by participants because of travel cancellations.

Cancellation of sponsorship must be received 4 weeks out of the Conference, in writing, to CAIS. Cancellation of sponsorship are subject to an administrative fee of 25% of the total cost due under the Agreement. No refund of any payment received by CAIS will be made if a cancellation of sponsorship occurs less then 4 weeks before the Conference.

Thank you for your support!