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Leadership Institute

Prepare for senior leadership roles in independent schools with our Leadership Institute. Learn More & Register

Online PD Webinars

Each year, we host webinars on national topics that are most relevant to our leaders. Access previously recorded webinars in CAIS Connect. Register for upcoming webinars here.

New PD model

Anne-Marie speaks to moving forward with a new national PD model with the creation of one national conference. Watch the Video

2015 CAIS Accreditation Guidelines

Review the new CAIS Accreditation Guidelines that are being piloted this school year. We welcome your feedback!

Volunteer Recognition

CAIS recognizes and values the commitment of our Visiting Committee members to the accreditation process including the substantial amount of time that is dedicated to participating before, during and after the visit.

We wish to thank all of our committed volunteers for choosing to share their knowledge and experience with fellow CAIS schools through this national whole school improvement process.

2015-16 Visiting Committee Members

Greenwood College School
CHAIR: Drew Stephens, Southridge School
Kim MaGee, CAIS
Rosemary Langel, St. John’s-Kilmarnock School
Myke Healy, Trinity College School
Erin Kline, Fraser Academy
Gary Sylven, Rundle College
Charmaine Cyr, Centennial Academy
Jeff Chisholm, Former Chair of the St. Andrew's College Board

West Point Grey Academy
CHAIR: Rodger Wright, Collingwood School
Marc Ayotte, Hillfield Strathallan College
Patti MacNicol, Upper Canada College
Liz Gilbert, The York School
Sam Johnston, St. George's School
Denise Lamarche, St. Michaels University School
Michael Fellin , Crescent School
Erica Sprules, The Sterling Hall School
Theresa Butler-Porter, Lakefield College School
Susan Cruikshank, Queen Margaret School
Darlene DeMerchant , St. Margaret's School
Gord Goodwin, West Island College
Rob Cruickshank, Former Chair of the CAIS Board

Americas Bicultural School
CHAIR: Margaret Dorrance, Calgary French and International School
Mirna Hafez, TFS - Canada's International School
Nicole Simard-Laurin, Lower Canada College
Patti MacDonald, The Bishop Strachan School
Mark Bunten, St. Clement's School
Jennifer Teakle-Bonetta, Royal St. George's College
Gary Godkin, Ashbury College

Shawnigan Lake School
CHAIR: Innes van Nostrand, Appleby College
Chantal Gionet, York House School
Alex Milroy, Ashbury College
Dave Stewart, St. Andrew's College
Mike Ruscitti, Royal St. George's College
Ciara Corcoran, West Point Grey Acadey
Trevor Julian, Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School

The York School
CHAIR: Norman Southward, Ashbury College
Hugh Burke, Meadowridge School
Jillian Lamothe, St. John’s-Ravenscourt
Stacey Jacobs, The Leo Baeck Day School
Sue Robbins, Ridley College
Neil Piller, St. George's School
David Young, TMS School

Saltus Grammar School
CHAIR: Barry Hughes, Holy Trinity School
Jim Keefe, St. John's-Ravenscourt
Michael Murgatroyd, St. Michaels University School
Julie Clement, Selwyn House
Jan Sullivan, The Bishop Strachan School
Dave Harvey, The Country Day School
John Lynch, Crescent School
Courtney Shrimpton, St. Andrew’s College
Nicole Abrioux-Camirand, Calgary French and International School
Catherine Kirkland, Royal St. George's College
Michael O'Connor, Appleby College

Crescent School
CHAIR: Bud Patel, Brentwood College School
Jeff Aitken, St. John's-Kilmarnock School
Carol Ann Millington, St. Clement's School
Marc Young, West Point Grey Academy
Patrick Peotto, Lower Canada College
Robert Marchand, Sacred Heart School of Halifax
Joe Cox, Haverford School (Retired)
Sharon Gibson, Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School
Julie Rousseau, York House School
Jeff Paiken, Former Chair of the CAIS and Hillfield Strathallan Boards
Tina Woodside, Former CAIS Board member

The Leo Baeck Day School
CHAIR: Bill Jones, Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School
Larry Kutler, UTT Herzliah
Marguerita Dykstra, Trafalgar Castle School
Jean Bigelow, Glenlyon Norfolk School
Marnie Stein, JPPS-Bialik
Paul Prieur, St John’s- Ravenscourt School
Jennifer McKay, Matthews Hall
Vanessa Vanclief, The Bishop Strachan School

The Sterling Hall School
CHAIR: Tim Peters, The Priory
Paul Kitchen, Rothesay Netherwood School
Nicole Murphy, Pickering College
Brad Adams, Circle Education
Brian Storosko, Ashbury College
Erin Corbett, River Valley School

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