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April 9 - 11, 2017.
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Leadership Institute

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2016 CAIS Webinar Recordings

Watch our International Fundraising, Governance Series, National Student Panel on Supporting LGBTQ+ Students, 2015 KPI Benchmarking Overview and our Review on Executing Accreditation Pilot Surveys webinars in CAIS Connect.
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2016 NLC Resources now available

Both the Catalytic Conversations on the Future of Education - Summary Report and the workshop material is now in CAIS Connect.
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New PD model

Anne-Marie speaks to moving forward with a new national PD model with the creation of one national conference. Watch the Video

2015 CAIS Accreditation Guidelines

Review the new CAIS Accreditation Guidelines that are being piloted this school year. We welcome your feedback!

Accreditation Resources

At CAIS, we are in the business of continuous improvement. We require our schools to always look at research and improve their practices for students, so we do the same. Below you will find resources that are annually updated by the CAIS Standards Council. In the past year alone, we have engaged over 130 volunteers from member schools as well as industry leaders to revise our Accreditation Guidelines; we have introduced four constituent surveys that are aligned with our National Standards (we are most excited to include student voice in our quest for excellence in education); and we have consulted with experts in risk management to ensure that all of our programs and procedures are in keeping with international standards of safety for students.

General Resources

Constituent Survey Resources

The CAIS Accreditation Guidelines were enhanced in 2015 to further inspire continuous whole school improvement. One noted enhancement is the requirement for schools to survey key constituencies every 3-4 years as part of the accreditation process.

At this time, schools will not be required to conduct these surveys using a standardized questionnaire or mandatory questions. However, CAIS is encouraging members to start from a common survey template in order to ensure that the surveys are asking relevant and appropriate questions.

CAIS has developed four survey templates to assist member schools in surveying their key constituencies:
*member login is required to access these templates

In developing these templates, CAIS conducted thorough research by analyzing shared surveys from National and International Independent Schools, Public Schools, and Independent School Associations, and by utilizing the Standards Council of the CAIS Board, comprised of CAIS School Heads and Independents, to advised on major areas and common questions that would be valuable in meeting the needs of member schools.

The final drafts were provided to Innovative Research Group who revised the structure of the surveys to reflect industry best practices.

Jason Lockhart and Colin Whelan of Innovative Research Group held a webinar, Executing Accreditation Pilot Surveys: Industry Best Practices, to review the accreditation survey templates and industry best practices on survey design and analysis. A recording of this webinar is available in CAIS Connect.

Additionally, Jason and Colin and prepared a set of guidelines to provide an overview of the survey templates and industry best practices in surveying and reporting. The guidelines are available in CAIS Connect.

Visiting Committee Resources


Visiting Committee Application
Provide your information to CAIS to be included in the database of potential Visiting Committee members. Please note that all applications need to be supported by your Head of School.

CAIS Confidentiality Agreement
All Visiting Committee members must sign and submit this Confidentiality Agreement before receiving a host school's Internal Evaluation Report and/or going on-site.

Visiting Committee Travel Guidelines
These guidelines outline the expectations relating to travel for Visiting Committee members, including reimbursable expenses.

Expense Reimbursement Form
Please complete this form to receive reimbursement for acceptable expenses. This form should be mailed to the CAIS office along with the original, itemized expense receipts. Debit and credit card slips do not qualify as a receipt.


Pre-Visit Training Webinar
This 30-minute webinar provides Visiting Committee members with an overview of what to expect on-site for the review.

Writing Guidelines Webinar
This webinar provides Visiting Committee members with a guide to writing the Visiting Committee Report.

Guide to Writing Recommendations
Writing good recommendations is one of the keys to a solid Visiting Committee Report. This guide includes tips on writing effective recommendations and samples.

Interview Guidelines
These guidelines will help Visiting Committee members prepare for successful interviews of the host school's faculty and staff.


Writing Samples
Coming soon.

Sample Schedule
A sample of a typical schedule for an on-site review including estimated times and pre-arranged meetings.

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