CAIS Accreditation drives each school to continually strive for excellence, be more intentional in its practices and be accountable to all of its constituents.

All good schools continually evaluate their education program and school operations; however, self-assessment alone can fall short with a limited internal perspective. The CAIS accreditation process is designed to achieve the dual purpose of accountability and school improvement - aligning school practices to the highest National Standards through a process that combines both an internal self-assessment and an external peer review.

Watch this short video "Why CAIS Accreditation" that highlights the value of the CAIS Accreditation Process.

This short video that outlines the CAIS Self Study process.

And this short video outlines the CAIS Peer Review process.

Currently, CAIS is a member in good standing with the International Council Advancing Independent School Accreditation (ICAISA). ICAISA is the international leader in independent school accreditation. ICAISA advances excellence and upholds standards in order to ensure quality and accountability in independent schools across the globe. In addition to establishing and maintaining criteria for effective accreditation and conducting formal evaluations of member association accreditation programs, ICAISA also examines and assesses the evolving educational environment, and acts as a catalyst in partnership with associations in navigating significant change, developing innovative practices, and promoting transformative leadership in the accreditation field. Ultimately, the work of ICAISA strengthens independent school education and supports the ongoing improvement of individual schools. The Value of Accreditation by an ICAISA Member Association.

The CAIS Standards and Indicators of Effective Practice are designed to reflect generally accepted principles of best practice in delivering high-quality education and furthering whole school improvement and sustainability. The Standards and Indicators are constantly evolving and are not to be taken as standards of reasonable conduct in any particular circumstance. It is up to each member school of CAIS to assess its specific circumstances and to take reasonable care.