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Amina Ali

Accreditation Coordinator


Amina Ali joined the CAIS team as an Accreditation Coordinator in August 2018. She is an accreditation and quality assurance professional with experience in educational planning and administration.

In her most previous and extensive role as Accreditation Manager - Suleman Dawood School of Business at LUMS, Amina was responsible for managing all aspects of AACSB and EQUIS international accreditation projects. She developed self-evaluation reports and updates to meet submission deadlines, planned and coordinated peer review team visits and liaised with a variety of stakeholders to enable the accreditation goals. While dealing with a diverse stakeholder portfolio, the role typically required her to flag and resolve issues. Another prominent aspect of her role included supporting and advocating quality initiatives enabling continuous improvement in academic standards, research impact and student experiences. As face of the accreditation team, Amina frequently participated in faculty led council and committee meetings at the school where decisions were discussed and debated. To support faculty members, she was also involved in reviewing self-evaluation reports, providing feedback, highlighting gaps and conducting mock assessments for external accreditation visits. She also represented the institute at international conferences and workshops further strengthening her understanding of accreditation processes and challenges.

Her prior work experiences encompass office coordination, administrative planning, stakeholder management and customer services. Amina holds a Masters of Business Administration in Marketing and is passionate about working for sustainable developments in the global education sector.