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Anand Mahadevan
Executive Director
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Anand works closely with the CAIS team to support Heads and Chairs of CAIS schools within Canada. He leads initial conversations with applicant schools and liaises with international accrediting bodies to represent Canadian best practices and to bring global perspectives into our community of practice.


Tracey Nolan
Executive Assistant
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Tracey works directly with the Executive Director to manage the workload of the CAIS Team in relation to the CAIS Board, the CAIS Team, CAIS Membership and external relationships.

Ask me about:

  • Scheduling time with the Executive Director
  • CAIS Connect access or Career Board
  • Any general enquiries

Catherine McCauley
Director of Professional Learning
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Catherine leads strategy, program development and implementation of CAIS Professional Learning programs for current and aspiring adult and student leaders.

Ask me about:

  • Professional learning opportunities 
  • Student Leadership Programs
  • CAIS Networks and Affinity Groups

Heather Provencher
Director of Accreditation
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Heather supports CAIS schools throughout the accreditation planning process.

Ask me about:

  • CAIS Accreditation
  • Peer Review Teams
  • Peer Review Visits

Fiona Parke
Director of Outreach - CAIS Boarding Schools
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Fiona leads the Canadian Boarding Collective (CBC). The CBC, formed over 10 years ago to ensure the strength and permanence of CAIS Boarding Schools focuses on Marketing, Recruitment, Research, Professional Learning and Government Advocacy.

Ask me about:

  • The Canadian Boarding Collective (CBC)
  • CAIS federal government advocacy work
  • Visit for more information on CAIS Boarding Schools!

Shannon Byck
Professional Learning Coordinator
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Shannon is responsible for the planning and logistics of Heads & Chairs Conference, the National Leaders Conference, Online all of the Time, Head’s Retreat, Internal meetings and the CAIS Sponsorship Program.

Ask me about:

  • National Leaders Conference and Heads & Chairs Conference
  • Webinars
  • Sponsorship

Margo Jakobschuk
Business Coordinator
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Margo manages all things accounting; receivables, payables, purchasing and budgeting along with the CAIServices Advisors Program.

Ask me about:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • CAIServices Consulting

Karen Flindall
Communications & Marketing Coordinator
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Karen manages communications in collaboration with the CAIS ED and CAIS Team, including email communications and the content for the CAIS website and social media platforms.

Ask me about:

  • Receiving CAIS Communications
  • CAIS Website
  • Social media, including the CAIS LinkedIn groups

David Goodman
Research Coordinator
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David oversees the development, production and delivery of CAIS research resources and support the integration of research across CAIS programs.

Ask me about:

  • Research surveys and Benchmarking
  • Resources provided to members (including CAIS Connect)
  • Research grants and committees

Holly Potter
Accreditation Coordinator
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Holly collaborates with the Director of Accreditation, other CAIS team members, and dedicated volunteers from CAIS schools to support each stage of the accreditation process.

Ask me about:

  • Your accreditation dossier's status
  • Getting ready for a peer review team visit to your school
  • Peer Review team report preparation