Alan Whyte

Alan is a semi-retired human resources lawyer (for management) who also conducts a human resources consulting practice.

He is enthusiastic about assisting CAIS schools, Boards and senior leadership teams with (non-legal) human resources and governance issues and challenges, building on his 13 years of experience on the Board of Albert College (4 as Chair) and 11 years on the CIS Ontario Board (3 as Chair). He also sits as a regional Advisor on the CAIS Board.

He has acted for a number of independent schools in human resources legal matters throughout his 40 year legal career.

Alan has the full perspective on the independent school world – proud Alumni of Lower Canada College; school Board member as described above; proud parent of Albert College and Ridley College students; association involvement at both the provincial and national levels and legal counsel to several independent schools.

He has conducted Board training on good governance and has presented extensively at numerous legal conferences and webinars on human resources topics.