CAIS is committed to the continued support of national collaborative initiatives that will maximize member value and support. CAIServices is one such initiative. CAIServices benefits independent schools across Canada, including CAIS Member and Candidate schools and non-CAIS schools.

CAIServices offers a range of programs including:

  • Strategic Planning Support
    facilitating, participating, and/or leading implementation planning.
  • Program Assessment
    conducting reviews of particular areas.
  • Governance Support
    orientation, training, PD, and/or facilitation of generative discussions.
  • Leadership Assessment
    facilitating team development and/or analysing structures and communication.
  • Coaching/Mentoring
    supporting leaders in presentations, decision-making, communications, strategy and implementation, etc.
  • Presentations
    presenting at board and leadership team retreats

To view specific examples of CAIServices in schools:

Other ideas? Contact the office to discuss and we will help you find the CAIServices Advisor to best meet your needs.

For more information, contact:
Margo Jakobschuk
Business Coordinator
(905) 684 5658

CAIS member/Candidate Daily Rate

CAIServices Engagement:

<350 enrolled students: $1000
>350 enrolled students: $1500

non-member School Daily Rate

CAIServices Engagement:

<350 enrolled students: $1500
>350 enrolled students: $2000