The CAIServices Advantage

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Through CAIServices, CAIS retains and utilizes the expertise, knowledge and talents of Heads and school leaders into their retirement. These individuals are known to and vetted by CAIS. They have demonstrated their knowledge of and experience in CAIS schools throughout their careers, as well as their commitment to supporting and enhancing CAIS and independent school education / operations.

CAIServices offers a range of programs including:

  • Onboarding & Orientation of Heads and School Leaders
  • Governance Workshops & Generative Discussions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Coaching & Mentoring Sessions for Heads and School Leaders
  • Risk Review & Crisis Planning
  • Leadership Team Development
  • Health & Well-being Initiatives
  • Capital Campaign & Facilities Development

To view specific examples of CAIServices in schools:

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CAIS member/Candidate Daily Rate

CAIServices Engagement:

<350 enrolled students: $1000
>350 enrolled students: $1500

non-member School Daily Rate

CAIServices Engagement:

<350 enrolled students: $1500
>350 enrolled students: $2000