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Top 10 Advantages of Independent Education


1. Academic Quality Because of a philosophical approach that strives for innovation, excellence and the freedom to pursue the most progressive approaches to learning, CAIS' independent schools offer unparalleled quality that is confirmed by their adherence to the strict standards required to be a member in good standing of our organization.

2. Personalized Approach Specialized teachers, lower student-teacher ratios and involvement of parents as partners in education with our schools, mean close, individualized attention for each student, resulting in better outcomes. Our schools value the fundamental truth that the relationship between teacher and student is the bedrock of a positive experience for students. It means your child will be understood, valued and given the guidance he or she needs to bring out their fullest potential. And, if they are struggling in a particular area, help will be close at hand to get them through even the toughest subjects and build the all-important confidence that will enable them to triumph throughout their lives.

3. Specialized Expertise You have the choice among a wide variety of options and approaches to education from CAIS schools. Finding the right fit for your child is easy. Whether it’s single sex or co-ed, boarding, I.B., A.P., Reggio Emilia, Waldorf or Montessori, we have schools that specialize in each of these areas. Click here for examples of the types of schools available in the CAIS membership.

4. Top Quality Teachers Our teachers have the freedom to pursue innovative approaches to learning and collaborating that simply don’t exist outside the independent school community. This dynamic environment attracts the best teachers who are passionate about education and take great pride in seeing their students thrive. CAIS offers our member teachers a growing roster of professional development opportunities beyond the constant learning they already pursue at their individual schools.

5. Diverse Experience Far from old-fashioned notions of cloistered schools for the wealthy, today’s independent school is a beacon of diversity in all its forms. Offering the best, most relevant education in today’s world requires an environment and approach to learning that embraces a global perspective and exposes students to the reality of a connected planet. Generous and growing financial aid programs are bringing down economic barriers to this type of experience and a welcoming atmosphere that cherishes the value of different perspectives and cultures is ensuring that all talented students are able to access an independent education.

6. Latest Technology – Independent schools are supported by tuition and the generous donations of parents and alumni who believe in the greater value of independent education to produce the leadership our country needs. The support helps these schools employ the most cutting edge technologies that are, after teachers, the most important weapon in the arsenal of education today. Technology is the enabler of vast learning, and literacy in this area is a fundamental driver of success in a knowledge economy. CAIS schools are on top of this in ways that make even post-secondary institutions awestruck.

7. 21st Century Learning – There is no doubt that education is in the eye of the storm that is sweeping the world’s economies. Innovation, creativity, technological wizardry, collaborative leadership, global connection, and trans-disciplinary skills are among a few of the major drivers of success for today’s professional. Independent schools are in the unique position of being able to lead the changes required of our education system to accommodate a new kind of thinking for a new kind of world. Students emerging from this experience will be at the forefront of that global shift and positioned to lead us into a new frontier.

8. Parent Participation – These schools would not exist without the passion of an engaged parent community committed not only to the success of their own children, but to that of the whole community of students. This reality has evolved into a culture, embraced by the independent school community, that places a high value on the role of family in the success of an individual student. Parents are welcomed into the school and help create a sense of 360 degree support for each child.

9. Post-Secondary Success Nearly 100% of CAIS' 45,000 students are accepted at the university or college of their choice. Statistics tell us that compared with the public schools, independent school students are more likely to complete at least a B.A. Moreover, because of the strong sense of community, these students are helped beyond high school by a caring network of alumni and teachers who remain in contact and supportive of each student’s pursuits as they move through university and beyond.

10. Happy Students We cannot underestimate the value of happiness as it relates to success, especially at these critical learning stages of a child’s life. Because of the many options available, you can choose a school that best fits your child’s personality and interests – a factor that puts you at an advantage right from the start. All of the approaches our schools employ have one thing in common – building the confidence and love of learning that will withstand the test of time. That starts with happy, fulfilled students who love their school and the friends they make. Creating a lively community of discovery, joy, spirit and respect is the underpinning of all CAIS schools, and not surprisingly, the most important factor in their success.


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