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9. Finance

Clearly the role of an effectively managed Finance function is a basic requirement for the financial sustainability of any organization. Independent schools are non-profit and highly accountable to their constituencies. A transparent and professional Finance department is an essential aspect of a well-managed school.

To meet this Standard, the school’s financial resources and financial planning are adequate to support the school’s mission and to sustain the school’s long-term viability and stability.





Why ROI Analysis Falls Short: Sustainability a CFO Can Love- The benefits of looking for momentum and finding a way to add to it are undeniable. If you push something in the direction it is already going, you will accomplish much more with each unit of energy. That is the guiding philosophy behind the process described in this article. The sustainability activities of some of the companies we admire most seem to reflect similar thinking. These companies have found ways to apply their direction, strengths, and acumen to accelerate positive change. (Updated April 17, 2014)

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