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The Benefits of National Standards in Canadian Schools

In a country where education is a provincial jurisdiction, our national organization encourages schools to provide more than the provincial requirements in terms of programs and opportunities for students.  

We are proud that our schools meet the highest of Standards while remaining unique in their vision, mission, and values.  

Our schools tell us of the following benefits:

+  Accreditation promotes a reflective and collaborative school improvement process;

+  Accreditation examines the overall program and operations of the entire school;

+  Accreditation provides school leaders with validation of current programs and services and suggested planning for future growth and development;

+  Accreditation provides educators with valuable professional development and information about effective practices nationally and globally;

+  Accreditation assures parents and the general public that the school is focused on providing a safe and enriching learning environment while maintaining an efficient and effective operation;

+  Accreditation provides a school’s Board of Governors with an independent, non-governmental validation that the school they oversee is effectively delivering a quality educational experience to its students in a manner that is sustainable;

+  Accreditation eases the transition students face as they move from one internationally accredited school to another;

+  Accreditation provides education leaders at all levels with deserved recognition for going above and beyond the minimum to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to excellence and learning.

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