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CAIS Boarding Schools

Why Boarding in Canada? 

Modern boarding schools blend valuable traditions with exciting programs, amazing facilities and tons of opportunity for fun. CAIS Boarding Schools are no different.

Here’s what past graduates have said are the top advantages of attending a CAIS Boarding School:

You’ll have fun! Living on a campus with your best friends, trying new things, and being exposed to different cultures, activities, and people is a blast. CAIS boarding school students say that the most valuable part of their boarding school experience is the memories they make with their friends, coaches, and teachers. 

At Canadian Boarding Schools, it’s cool to be smart. School will be challenging – but in a good way. CAIS boarding schools offer academic programs that are designed to challenge students, so that they are ready for the next step in their education. But don’t worry, you’ll have help every step of the way, thanks to smaller class sizes, passionate faculty, and extensive resources. 

You’ll make friendships that will last forever. Graduates of Canadian boarding schools say that the friends they made while living on campus are ones they will have forever. Trying new things, studying for exams together, winning the gold medal game, or performing in the school musical are experiences made even better by the residence life component of a boarding school education. 

You’ll be ahead of the game for university! Becoming responsible for yourself is a skill that is learned and cultivated in a boarding school environment. By the time you arrive at the university of your choice, you will therefore be ready to tackle the challenges and will have a leg up on other students in first year. 

You’ll expand your horizons. Boarding schools actively recruit students from a wide range of geographic, racial and socio-economic backgrounds. As a result, you will gain a wide network of international friends by the time you graduate. This makes traveling really fun later in life, when you get the chance to go and visit friends all over the world!

You’ll become part of a proud community… for life. It may not seem as important now, but attending boarding school will be an experience you will treasure for the rest of your life. Canadian boarding schools have rich histories, and the students that graduate from our schools become proud alumni who continue to be enthusiastic supporters of their alma maters. It is the shared experience of tradition and heritage that bonds alumni from our schools together, and creates the feeling of community that will last a lifetime. 


 The CAIS Boarding Project

27 CAIS Boarding Schools have been working together since 2009 to promote the value of a Canadian Boarding School education around the world. 

Our website, www.boardingschools.ca , is the hub of information for families considering a Canadian Boarding School education. All 28 schools are members of CAIS and have met our rigorous internationally recognized standards of best practice. Visit us there to learn more about our schools.

Are you an Agent?

CAIS Boarding Schools are working on a variety of initiatives related to educational agents from across the world. If you are an agent, please direct any inquiries to Alyson Robertson (arobertson@cais.ca). We have an agent database and we would love to hear from you!


Key Dates 2013/2014

CAIS will be on the road this year meeting prospective students and families. Here is a schedule of our upcoming travel dates:

September 19-23, 2013: Edu Canada Brazil 

September 29-October 8, 2013: CAIS FAM TOUR East/Central

October 9, 2013: CAIS Bermuda 

October 27-30: CAIS Middle East – Dubai/Abu Dhabi 

November 5-7: CAIS + TABS Vietnam 

January 13-17, 2014: CAIS Barbados & Bahamas 

February 6, 2014: CAIS Mexico City 

March 8-16, 2014, Date TBD: Edu-Canada Turkey 

May 4-12, 2014: CAIS FAM TOUR West


Contact CAIS

Please contact Sarah Milligan, Director of Outreach should you have any questions about CAIS Boarding Schools via email (smilligan@cais.ca) or by telephone (905) 684-5658

Please come back and visit our website often – we look forward to sharing our resources with you.


Sarah Milligan

Director of Outreach, Canadian Boarding Schools




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