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Why should schools join CAIS?

+  CAIS is the national organization for the best independent schools;

+  CAIS schools are accredited every seven years to ensure they meet National Standards; our accreditation process is researched and promotes reflective and collaborative improvement;

+ CAIS offers National Sports Tournaments and Leadership Opportunities for students;

+ CAIS trains leaders in independent school education - our Leadership Institute is a popular destination for educators looking for learning and leadership opportunities;

+  CAIS offers national networking through excellent Professional Development Programs;  CAIS collaborates with the Leadership Teams in our Schools including the Heads, Chairs, Business Officers, Admissions Officers, Advancement Professionals, Junior, Middle and Senior School Directors, Athletic Directos, Academic Directors, Athletic Directors, Communications Directors, and University Counsellors;

+ The CAIS website is visited by thousands of families each month who are searching the Directory for Canada's best schools and by thousands of top professionals seeking employment;

+ CAIS researches best practice in many areas including Human Resources, Governance, Finance, Advancement, Admissions, Risk Management, and Leadership;

+ CAIS completes an annual benchmarking report and biannual compensation reports for members - these reports are used to inform decisions;

+ CAIS advocates on national issues; 

+ CAIS is the voice for accredited independent schools in Canada.

Please visit the Becoming a Member page for additional membership information and the application for joining CAIS.

Please click here to visit the CAIS School Directory.

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