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Becoming a CAIS Member

Criteria for Membership

  1. The School operates within all laws, statutes and regulations in the jurisdiction in which it is located;
  2. The Head of School is the Chief Executive Officer of the school;
  3. The School has a governing body acting at arm's length from the administration of the school;
  4. The School has been in continuous operation and viable for at least five years;
  5. The School’s statement of purposes and objectives reflect sound educational and social goals;
  6. The School maintains high standards of character and behaviour for its students, in addition to providing academic preparation for higher education;
  7. The School practices ethically and within the law in the areas of employment, admissions, recruitment (students and staff) and fundraising;
  8. The School, within three years, would be ready to undergo the full accreditation process.

If a school, in the opinion of the Executive Director and the team, meets the above criteria, they will recommend to the CAIS Board that the applicant should be accepted as a Candidate School. The final decision on acceptance rests with the Board of Directors of the Corporation.

Candidate Schools

 - Schools are required to meet all of the Criteria as well as the Membership Guidelines

-  Schools have up to three years to complete the full accreditation process, including the Visiting Committee review

-  Until they successfully complete an accreditation review, Schools do not vote at the Annual General Meeting

-  Annual membership fees begin upon acceptance as a Candidate School and are pro-rated on a calendar basis

- Schools are required to meet the CAIS Policy on Usage of Logo.

Further information regarding the application for CAIS membership can be found in the CAIS Application Form Package. Please contact the CAIS office if you require the application package in Word format.

Membership Fees

The membership fees for CAIS are based on the number of students enrolled in your school.

Application Fee   $1000

Annual Fee per student  $17.85 (Minimum fee of $3100)

Accreditation Visit Expenses (charged in the year of the accreditation visit)


+  The Application Fee of $1000 is payable at the time of the application. Applicant schools also cover the travel costs associated with the Candidate Review Visit.

Apply Now

Please click on the links below to access the application documents

CAIS Application Form Package

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